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Din Rail Terminal Blocks

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    Scame Switched Interlock Socket 567.1686 16 Amp 415V 3P + E IP44 With Modular Space
    ABB / Entrelec Din Rails Terminals
    Special Price £0.64 Excl. VAT
    Over 100 Variants In Stock
  2. Cablecraft Cable Lugs CCT35-6 6mm 35mm²
    ABB / Entrelec TS35 End Stop Bracket
    £0.46 Excl. VAT
    Expected on 1 Mar 2024
  3. ABB Terminal End Plate 1SNA128618R0300
    ABB / Entrelec Grey End Plate For 16mm Terminal
    £0.72 Excl. VAT
    89 In Stock | More Available In Usually 5-7 days
  4. Cablecraft Cable Lugs CCT16-6 6mm 16mm²
    ABB / Entrelec Grey End Plate For 2.5-10mm Terminals
    £0.35 Excl. VAT
    Over 100 in stock
  5. Din Rail 35mm Top Hat Slotted (2 Meter Lengths)
    Din Rail 35mm Top Hat Slotted (2 Meter Lengths)
    £5.80 Excl. VAT
    64 In Stock | More Available In Usually 3-5 days
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    Wago TOPJOB S End Plates for 2104 and 2106 Series
    Wago TOPJOB S End Plates for 2104 and 2106 Series
    Special Price £0.38 Excl. VAT
    6 Variants In Stock
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    Wago TOPJOB S End Plates
    Wago TOPJOB S End Plates
    Special Price £0.29 Excl. VAT
    72 Variants In Stock
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    Wago Lever Din Rail Terminals
    Wago TOPJOB S Lever Din Rail Terminals
    Special Price £1.25 Excl. VAT
    60 Variants In Stock
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    Wago 2 Way Jumpers
    Wago TOPJOB S 2 Way Jumpers
    Special Price £0.23 Excl. VAT
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    Wago Push Button Din Rail Terminals
    Wago TOPJOB S 2 Conductor Din Rail Terminals
    Special Price £0.56 Excl. VAT
    Over 100 Variants In Stock
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    Wago Din Rail Terminals
    Wago TOPJOB S Din Rail Through Terminals
    Special Price £0.53 Excl. VAT
    Over 100 Variants In Stock
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    Click Elucian Din Rail
    Click Elucian Din Rail
    Special Price £1.65 Excl. VAT
    Over 100 Variants In Stock

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Welcome to Expert Electrical, your one-stop destination for a wide range of din rail terminal blocks and accessories. Our extensive selection of high-performance terminal blocks is designed to meet your specific installation requirements. Whether you need an ABB/Entrelec Jumper Bar or an ABB/Entrelec end plate, we have the products you need to streamline your electrical projects. With our commitment to affordability, quality, and convenience, Expert Electrical is here to simplify your electrical needs.

The Importance of Din Rail Terminal Blocks

Din rail terminal blocks play a crucial role in protecting electrical systems against overcurrent and short-circuiting. These terminal blocks are designed to clip onto a DIN rail, which is a standardised metal rail used to mount terminals in a control cabinet. By providing a secure and organised connection point for wires, din rail terminal blocks ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical installations.

How Do Din Rail Terminal Blocks Work?

Din rail terminals are typically made from durable plastic materials that provide insulation for the electrical current flowing through them. Fused din rail terminals often feature a hinged section that houses a fuse, allowing you to easily interrupt the flow of electricity when necessary. Some fused terminals even come equipped with LED blown fuse indicators, providing a visual cue for fuse replacement. Non-fused din rail terminals function similarly but lack the fuse protection.

Applications of Fused Din Rail Terminals

Fused din rail terminals find widespread use in various industries due to their enhanced overcurrent protection capabilities. They are commonly employed to safeguard sensors and relays in applications such as:

  • Energy management systems
  • Power supplies
  • Lighting controllers
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Building management systems
  • Industrial and civil electrical installations
  • Heating and air conditioning controls

Understanding Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks, also known as connectors, serve as connectors that terminate a single wire per connection point while linking it to a circuit, system, or other wires. They come in various forms, shapes, and sizes, but their primary function remains consistent: terminating single cables and facilitating multiple connections through wire clamps.

Types of Terminal Blocks

At Expert Electrical, we offer an extensive range of terminal blocks to cater to different applications and requirements. Some of the types we carry include:

Feed-through terminals: These terminals feature one incoming and one outgoing wire connection point, providing a simple and straightforward connection.

Multi-level terminals: Designed for higher wiring density, these terminals allow multiple connections and enable more complex wiring configurations. They are ideal for applications that require increased connectivity.

Distribution blocks: These terminal blocks are specifically designed to handle higher current requirements. They provide a convenient solution for distributing power within electrical systems.

Additional Features

To meet diverse electrical needs, our terminal blocks offer a range of additional features, including:

Inline fuses: Some terminal blocks come equipped with inline fuses, adding an extra layer of protection against overcurrent situations.

LED power indication: Certain terminal blocks feature built-in LEDs that provide visual feedback on the power status, ensuring quick and easy troubleshooting.

Diode protection: Terminal blocks with diode protection safeguard against reverse connections, preventing potential damage to electrical systems.

Installation and Usage

Terminal blocks are commonly arranged in rows, either on DIN rails or as panel mount assemblies. Each terminal clamp connects to a single wire, making them ideal for permanent connections in various settings, including domestic, commercial, and industrial environments.

In control panels, terminals are used to connect internal wiring and provide termination points for external connections. During installation, one side of the feed-through blocks is connected to the internal wiring, while the other side is left for on-site wiring connections.

For space-saving purposes, smaller terminals often have one side insulated and one side exposed. The exposed side is insulated by the adjacent terminal on the DIN rail. Larger terminals typically have both sides fully insulated and may not require an end plate for insulation.

The Expert Electrical Advantage

At Expert Electrical, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of din rail terminal blocks and accessories sourced from top brands in the industry. Our commitment to affordability ensures that you can access the best products without compromising your budget. By constantly updating our product range, we bring you the latest technology and innovations, allowing you to complete your projects efficiently.

When it comes to din rail terminal blocks, Expert Electrical is your trusted partner. With our wide range of high-quality products, simplified purchasing process, and affordable prices, we strive to meet all your electrical needs. Browse our complete collection of din rail terminal blocks and accessories today and experience the Expert Electrical advantage. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for special offers and email updates. Get started on your electrical projects with Expert Electrical.