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Chint NB1 miniature circuit breakers, known as MCB's can be used in Chint consumer units and Chint distribution boards. They can also be used as standalone devices as they are din rail mountable.

MCBs provide circuit protection and are use for power distribution. The NB1 Series is available in various pole types, current ratings and tripping curves.

  • Features

    The Chint range of NB1 circuit breakers are available in a choice of poles, current ratings, tripping curves and breaking capacities; please choose from the product options. Miniature circuit breakers (known as MCBs) can be used in Chint consumer units, Chint distribution boards or as standalone devices to provide circuit protection.

    They are din rail mountable and come with a 5 year guarantee period. Chint MCBs are a reliable and affordable range of circuit protection devices that we have sold for over 14 years.


    • Tripping characteristics:
      B Type, ideal for domestic or light commercial use.
      C Type, for industrial use were inductive loads are present, will trip between 5 and 10 times the full load current.
      D Type, used in applications that have a very high inrush current such as motors and transformers.
    • Chint circuit breakers are a budget priced alternative to Schneider, Wylex, MEM, Dorman Smith. Square D etc.
    • Operating voltage: 230/415V AC 50/60Hz and DC voltages up to 110V (suitable for boats)
    • Breaking capacity: 6kA. Also available in 10kA. 6kA is the popular choice for domestic use.
    • Din rail mountable MCB.
    • Ambient operating temperature: -5 to +40℃
    • Manufacturer: Chint
    • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Specifications & Dimensions
    Amp Rating
    Breaking Capacity 6 kA
    Dimensions Located Below Specifications Table
    Material Plastic
    Product Type
    Sku NB1-63***P**
    Tripping Curve
    230V AC
    5 Years

    Single Pole

    • Width: 18mm wide (one modular width).
    • Height: 86mm
    • Depth: 77mm (including switch)

    Double Pole

    • Width: 36mm wide (two modular width).
    • Height: 86mm
    • Depth: 77mm (including switch)
    Triple Pole
    • Width: 54mm wide (two modular width).
    • Height: 86mm
    • Depth: 77mm (including switch)
    Four Pole
    • Width: 72mm wide (two modular width).
    • Height: 86mm
    • Depth: 77mm (including switch)
  • 33 Reviews Rating: 91%
  • Product Questions & Answers 4

    Product Questions & Answers

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    Can you tell me whether these are compatible with either MK or Wylex units, that is does the connection on the busbar below line up with either of these?
    Question by: Roger Michael Meyts on 5 Aug 2022, 08:40
    We don't recommend fitting different brands of MCBs in different boards.
    Answer by: Chris Horridge (Admin) on 5 Aug 2022, 09:50
    Good afternoon
    Are all Chint RCD'S ok for use on 110v supplies, ?
    Kind regards, mr k mead
    Question by: kevin mead on 3 Jan 2023, 14:49
    The specifications state that the Rated voltage Ue is: 230/400~240/415V
    Answer by: Chris Horridge (Admin) on 4 Jan 2023, 08:04
    Are the nb1 mcb's type suitable for use on 12v dc distribution on a narrowboat?
    Question by: Paul Brough on 22 Mar 2023, 18:14
    I've checked this with Chint and they said:

    Most certifications are only tested up to a max voltage.

    I know the factory have only tested these down to 24vDC internally.

    On that basis I’m going to say no.
    Answer by: Chris Horridge (Admin) on 23 Mar 2023, 09:08
    Good afternoon can your Chint d/pole mcbs be used ok on supplies of 110v ? kind regards kevin mead louth transformer co ltd
    Question by: kevin mead on 15 Dec 2022, 12:09
    I've double checked with Chint and they said: Yes, all of our MCBs can be used at 110V AC.
    Answer by: Chris Horridge (Admin) on 16 Dec 2022, 06:43

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  • Data Sheets & Brochures
  • Product Codes
    SKUPolesAmp RatingTripping Curve
    NB1-63B1P011 Pole1B
    NB1-63C1P011 Pole1C
    NB1-63D1P011 Pole1D
    NB1-63B1P021 Pole2B
    NB1-63C1P021 Pole2C
    NB1-63D1P021 Pole2D
    NB1-63B1P031 Pole3B
    NB1-63C1P031 Pole3C
    NB1-63D1P031 Pole3D
    NB1-63B1P041 Pole4B
    NB1-63C1P041 Pole4C
    NB1-63D1P041 Pole4D
    NB1-63B1P061 Pole6B
    NB1-63C1P061 Pole6C
    NB1-63D1P061 Pole6D
    NB1-63B1P101 Pole10B
    NB1-63C1P101 Pole10C
    NB1-63D1P101 Pole10D
    NB1-63B1P161 Pole16B
    NB1-63C1P161 Pole16C
    NB1-63D1P161 Pole16D
    NB1-63B1P201 Pole20B
    NB1-63C1P201 Pole20C
    NB1-63D1P201 Pole20D
    NB1-63B1P251 Pole25B
    NB1-63C1P251 Pole25C
    NB1-63D1P251 Pole25D
    NB1-63B1P321 Pole32B
    NB1-63C1P321 Pole32C
    NB1-63D1P321 Pole32D
    NB1-63B1P401 Pole40B
    NB1-63C1P401 Pole40C
    NB1-63D1P401 Pole40D
    NB1-63B1P501 Pole50B
    NB1-63C1P501 Pole50C
    NB1-63D1P501 Pole50D
    NB1-63B1P631 Pole63B
    NB1-63C1P631 Pole63C
    NB1-63D1P631 Pole63D
    NB1-63B2P012 Pole1B
    NB1-63C2P012 Pole1C
    NB1-63D2P012 Pole1D
    NB1-63B2P022 Pole2B
    NB1-63C2P022 Pole2C
    NB1-63D2P022 Pole2D
    NB1-63B2P032 Pole3B
    NB1-63C2P032 Pole3C
    NB1-63D2P032 Pole3D
    NB1-63B2P042 Pole4B
    NB1-63C2P042 Pole4C
    NB1-63D2P042 Pole4D
    NB1-63B2P062 Pole6B
    NB1-63C2P062 Pole6C
    NB1-63D2P062 Pole6D
    NB1-63B2P102 Pole10B
    NB1-63C2P102 Pole10C
    NB1-63D2P102 Pole10D
    NB1-63B2P162 Pole16B
    NB1-63C2P162 Pole16C
    NB1-63D2P162 Pole16D
    NB1-63B2P202 Pole20B
    NB1-63C2P202 Pole20C
    NB1-63D2P202 Pole20D
    NB1-63B2P252 Pole25B
    NB1-63C2P252 Pole25C
    NB1-63D2P252 Pole25D
    NB1-63B2P322 Pole32B
    NB1-63C2P322 Pole32C
    NB1-63D2P322 Pole32D
    NB1-63B2P402 Pole40B
    NB1-63C2P402 Pole40C
    NB1-63D2P402 Pole40D
    NB1-63B2P502 Pole50B
    NB1-63C2P502 Pole50C
    NB1-63D2P502 Pole50D
    NB1-63B2P632 Pole63B
    NB1-63C2P632 Pole63C
    NB1-63D2P632 Pole63D
    NB1-63B3P013 Pole1B
    NB1-63C3P013 Pole1C
    NB1-63D3P013 Pole1D
    NB1-63B3P023 Pole2B
    NB1-63C3P023 Pole2C
    NB1-63D3P023 Pole2D
    NB1-63B3P033 Pole3B
    NB1-63C3P033 Pole3C
    NB1-63D3P033 Pole3D
    NB1-63B3P043 Pole4B
    NB1-63C3P043 Pole4C
    NB1-63D3P043 Pole4D
    NB1-63B3P063 Pole6B
    NB1-63C3P063 Pole6C
    NB1-63D3P063 Pole6D
    NB1-63B3P103 Pole10B
    NB1-63C3P103 Pole10C
    NB1-63D3P103 Pole10D
    NB1-63B3P163 Pole16B
    NB1-63C3P163 Pole16C
    NB1-63D3P163 Pole16D
    NB1-63B3P203 Pole20B
    NB1-63C3P203 Pole20C
    NB1-63D3P203 Pole20D
    NB1-63B3P253 Pole25B
    NB1-63C3P253 Pole25C
    NB1-63D3P253 Pole25D
    NB1-63B3P323 Pole32B
    NB1-63C3P323 Pole32C
    NB1-63D3P323 Pole32D
    NB1-63B3P403 Pole40B
    NB1-63C3P403 Pole40C
    NB1-63D3P403 Pole40D
    NB1-63B3P503 Pole50B
    NB1-63C3P503 Pole50C
    NB1-63D3P503 Pole50D
    NB1-63B3P633 Pole63B
    NB1-63C3P633 Pole63C
    NB1-63D3P633 Pole63D
    NB1-63B4P014 Pole1B
    NB1-63C4P014 Pole1C
    NB1-63D4P014 Pole1D
    NB1-63B4P024 Pole2B
    NB1-63C4P024 Pole2C
    NB1-63D4P024 Pole2D
    NB1-63B4P034 Pole3B
    NB1-63C4P034 Pole3C
    NB1-63D4P034 Pole3D
    NB1-63B4P044 Pole4B
    NB1-63C4P044 Pole4C
    NB1-63D4P044 Pole4D
    NB1-63B4P064 Pole6B
    NB1-63C4P064 Pole6C
    NB1-63D4P064 Pole6D
    NB1-63B4P104 Pole10B
    NB1-63C4P104 Pole10C
    NB1-63D4P104 Pole10D
    NB1-63B4P164 Pole16B
    NB1-63C4P164 Pole16C
    NB1-63D4P164 Pole16D
    NB1-63B4P204 Pole20B
    NB1-63C4P204 Pole20C
    NB1-63D4P204 Pole20D
    NB1-63B4P254 Pole25B
    NB1-63C4P254 Pole25C
    NB1-63D4P254 Pole25D
    NB1-63B4P324 Pole32B
    NB1-63C4P324 Pole32C
    NB1-63D4P324 Pole32D
    NB1-63B4P404 Pole40B
    NB1-63C4P404 Pole40C
    NB1-63D4P404 Pole40D
    NB1-63B4P504 Pole50B
    NB1-63C4P504 Pole50C
    NB1-63D4P504 Pole50D
    NB1-63B4P634 Pole63B
    NB1-63C4P634 Pole63C
    NB1-63D4P634 Pole63D


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