Dimplex ECOT Tubular Heater With Thermostat

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Dimplex ECOT Tubular Heater With Thermostat

  • Features

    Dimplex ECOT Tubular Heater With Thermostat

    Key Features

    • A range of guards is available to fit these tubular heaters from Aiano
    • Available in wattage options:
      - 40W (300mm 1FT)
      - 80W (600mm 2FT)
      - 120W (900mm 3FT)
      - 160W (1200mm 4FT)
      - 200W (1500mm 5FT)
      - 240W (1800mm 6FT)
    • Finish: White and Grey
    • IP rating: IPX4
    • Location of heat output: Even heat distribution across the heater body
    • Thermostatic control
    • Installation: Horizontal wall mounting via supplied wall brackets.
    • Insulation: Attach to the wall using the wall brackets provided.
    • Cable exit point: Left or right
    • Complete with 1.5m of cable and fitted plug.
    • Construction: Tubular construction encloses heating element with thermostatic controls.
    • Element type: Coiled type
    • Safety cut out: Auto reset
    • Suitable for airing cupboards, shop windows, greenhouses and more.
    • Voltage supply: ~230-240V
    • Manufacturer: Dimplex
    • Guarantee: 1 Year

  • Specifications
    Brand Dimplex
    GTiN 5011139049667
    Product Type Tubular Heater
    Sku ECOT*FT
    Voltage 230V AC
    Warranty 3 Years
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  • Downloads
    Product Attachments
    Data Sheet ecot1ft-datasheet.pdf
    Instructions ecot1ft-instruction-manuals.pdf
  • Dimensions

    • 40W / 300mm 1FT
    • 80W / 600mm 2FT
    • 120W / 900mm 3FT
    • 160W / 120mm 4FT
    • 200W / 1500mm 5FT
    • 240W / 1800mm 6FT

  • Product Codes
    SKUPower Rating (W)
    ECOT1FT40W (300mm)
    ECOT2FT80W (600mm)
    ECOT3FT120W (900mm)
    ECOT4FT160W (1200mm)
    ECOT5FT200W (1500mm)
    ECOT6FT240W (1800mm)