Doncaster Cables H05RR-F Rubber Sheathed Cable (Per Reel)

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Doncaster Cables H05RR-F is a VR insulated tough rubber sheathed flexible cords that is available in a selection of colour coded cores from 2 to 5 cores and sizes ranging from 0.75mm² to 2.5mm².

  • Features

    Doncaster Cables H05RR-F is a VR (Vulcanised Rubber) insulated tough rubber sheathed flexible cable. Know as TRS cable, it is available in a selection of cores from 2 to 5 cores and sizes ranging from 0.75mm² to 2.5mm².

    Doncaster Cables are a UK manufacturer of high quality cable, please contact us for bulk order and project inquiries at: [email protected].

    Key Features

    • Two reel length options:
      - 50 Metres
      - 100 Metres
    • Cable core colours
      - 2 Core / Blue and Brown
      - 3 Core / Green/Yellow, Blue and Brown
      - 4 Core / Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black
      - 5 Core / Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black, Grey
    • Sheath colours: Black
    • Conductor: Plain Annealed Copper Class 5 Flexible to BS EN 60228.
    • Insulation: Cross Linked Elastomeric Type EI4 to BS EN 50363-1.
    • Sheath: Cross Linked Elastomeric Type EM2 to BS EN 50363-2-1
    • Operating Temperature: -25 degree C to 60 degree C.
    • Min. bending radius: 8 x ∅
    • Current carrying capacity: For current ratings refer to table 4F3 of BS7671 IEE. Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition.
    • Manufacturer: Doncaster Cables

  • Specifications
    Brand Doncaster Cables
    Cable Cores
    Cable Size
    Colour Black
    Product Type H05RR-F Cable
    Reel Length
    Sku TRS
    Warranty 3 Years
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  • Dimensions

    Dimensions and weights are available from the data sheets tab.

  • Product Codes
    SKUCable CoresReel LengthCable Size
    31820.750502 Core50 Metres0.75mm
    31820.751002 Core100 Metres0.75mm
    31821.005050 Metres1mm2 Core
    31821.0100100 Metres1mm2 Core
    31821.505050 Metres1.5mm2 Core
    31821.5100100 Metres1.5mm2 Core
    31822.50502 Core50 Metres2.5mm
    31822.51002 Core100 Metres2.5mm
    31830.750503 Core50 Metres0.75mm
    31830.751003 Core100 Metres0.75mm
    31831.005050 Metres1mm3 Core
    31831.0100100 Metres1mm3 Core
    31831.505050 Metres1.5mm3 Core
    31831.5100100 Metres1.5mm3 Core
    31832.50503 Core50 Metres2.5mm
    31832.51003 Core100 Metres2.5mm
    31840.750504 Core50 Metres0.75mm
    31840.751004 Core100 Metres0.75mm
    31841.005050 Metres1mm4 Core
    31841.0100100 Metres1mm4 Core
    31841.505050 Metres1.5mm4 Core
    31841.5100100 Metres1.5mm4 Core
    31842.50504 Core50 Metres2.5mm
    31842.51004 Core100 Metres2.5mm
    H31851.50501.5mm5 Core50 Metres
    H31851.51001.5mm5 Core100 Metres
    H31852.50502.5mm5 Core50 Metres
    H31852.51002.5mm5 Core100 Metres