Lapp Olflex 110 CY Cable Number Coded (Per Metre)

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Lapp Olflex 110 CY is a flexible control cable that is available in a selection of number coded cores from 2 to 50 cores and sizes ranging from 0.5mm² to 35mm².

  • Features

    Lapp Olflex 110 CY is a flexible control cable that is available in a selection of number coded cores from 2 to 50 cores and sizes ranging from 0.5mm² to 35mm².  CY cables are screened, the additional screening prevents interference from electromagnetic fields coming from the network.

    We have a minimum order quantity of 50 metres which allows us to offer competitive prices online, many cables are available in shorter lengths but additional charges may apply. Please contact us for bulk rates, or quotations for multiple cut lengths. Delivery time is usually 2-3 days but if you need something sooner just contact us on 01706 860011 and if the stock is available at Lapp Cables we can arrange direct shipments.

    Key Features

    • Core colours are number coded. Black cores with white numbers. Also available in colour coded which is Lapp Olflex Classic 100CY.
    • Cables with 3 cores and more include an earth core as standard. 2 to 18 core cables have no earth. If you don't require an earth please contact us as many of these are available on request.
    • Sold by the metre, with a minimum order quantity of 50 metres.
    • Please contact us for special prices or larger projects on 01706 860011.
    • Voltage rating:
      0.5mm to 35mm: 300/500V
    • Test voltage: 4000V
    • Temperature rating: 
      Flexing: -5 to +70 degrees C.
      Static: -40 to +80 degrees C.
    • Flame-retardant according IEC 60332-1-2.
    • High degree of screening low transfer impedance  (max. 250 Ω/km at 30 MHz).
    • Fine-wire strand made of bare copper wires
    • PVC insulation LAPP P8/1
    • Cores twisted in layers
    • PVC inner sheath, grey
    • Tinned-copper braiding
    • PVC outer sheath, transparent
    • Approved to: 7030
    • Minimum bend radius: 20x overall diameter
    • Guarantee: 3 years
    • Manufacturer: Lapp Cables

  • Specifications
    Brand Lapp Cable
    Cable Cores
    Cable Size
    Product Type 110CY Cable
    Reel Length 1 M
    Sku OCCY110
    Warranty 3 Years
  • Downloads
    Product Attachments
    Data Sheet occy110-data_sheet.pdf
  • Dimensions

    Dimensions and further specification can be found in the data sheets tab.

  • Product Codes
    SKUCable SizeCable Cores
    11357520.5mm2 Core
    11358020.75mm2 Core
    11358521mm2 Core
    11359021.5mm2 Core
    11354022.5mm2 Core
    11355024mm2 Core
    11356026mm2 Core
    113570210mm2 Core
    11350030.5mm3 Core
    11351030.75mm3 Core
    11352031mm3 Core
    11353031.5mm3 Core
    11354032.5mm3 Core
    11356046mm4 Core
    113561510mm3 Core
    113562216mm2 Core
    11350040.5mm4 Core
    11351040.75mm4 Core
    11352041mm4 Core
    11353041.5mm4 Core
    11354042.5mm4 Core
    11355044mm4 Core
    113561410mm4 Core
    113562625mm4 Core
    113562535mm4 Core
    11350050.5mm5 Core
    11351050.75mm5 Core
    11352051mm5 Core
    11353051.5mm5 Core
    11354052.5mm5 Core
    11355054mm5 Core
    11356056mm5 Core
    113561610mm5 Core
    113562316mm5 Core
    113562725mm5 Core
    113562835mm5 Core
    11350070.5mm7 Core
    11351070.75mm7 Core
    11352071mm7 Core
    11353071.5mm7 Core
    11354072.5mm7 Core
    11356076mm7 Core
    11350120.5mm12 Core
    11351120.75mm12 Core
    11352121mm12 Core
    11353121.5mm12 Core
    11354122.5mm12 Core
    11350180.5mm18 Core
    11351180.75mm18 Core
    11352181mm18 Core
    11353181.5mm18 Core
    11350250.5mm25 Core
    11351250.75mm25 Core
    11352251mm25 Core
    11353251.5mm25 Core
    11350300.5mm30 Core
    11351340.75mm34 Core
    11352341mm34 Core
    11353341.5mm34 Core
    11350400.5mm40 Core
    11351410.75mm41 Core
    11352501mm50 Core
    11353501.5mm50 Core