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Tempa Pano Floor Standing Enclosures IP55

Tempa Pano Floor Standing Enclosures IP55

Product-code: BS.111


Quick Overview

Floor standing enclosures from Tempa Pano that are easy to order and come with everything you need except for the side panels.

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Floor standing enclosures from Tempa Pano that are easy to order and come with everything you need except for the side panels. Side panels need to be ordered separately in case you're putting 2 enclosures together.

Rated at IP55, they offer resistance to dust and water and are manufacturer from sheet steel. They are available in 2 height options of 1500mm and 1800mm with 2000mm versions available on request. With 6 width sizes (400mm to 1200mm) and 4 depths (400mm to 800mm) to choose from, Tempa Pano BS floor standing enclosures are the perfect choice for big control panel installations.

Delivery costs are included to mainland UK only which is anything we class as zone 0 here. For zone 1 and international shipping costs please contact us with your enquiry and we will calculate the best shipping costs based on the enclosure size, weight and location.

Supplied with the following items which are pre-fitted to save installation time:

  • Front and rear frame
  • Door - Single door for sizes 400mm to 800mm width and double doors for 1000mm to 1200mm widths.
  • Rear panel
  • Mounting plate - 2mm thick
  • Plinth - which is 100mm high. Other sizes available and can be supplied without a plinth on request
  • Top cover
  • Side rails


  • IP Rating IP55
  • Finish / Colour: RAL7035W
  • Material: Sheet steel - (stainless steel available on request)
  • Frame and panel thickness: 1.5mm / Door, mounting plate and plinth thickness: 2mm
  • Solid front door with glazed versions also available.
  • Side panels must be ordered separately
  • Hole punching service available on request
  • Manufacturer: Tempa Pano

The image below shows how a completed floor standing enclosure looks with side panels (ordered separately).

Tempa Pano Floor Standing Enclosures Data Sheet

Height x Width x Depth

400mm Wide

  • BS.111.041840 - 1800x400x400mm
  • BS.111.041850 - 1800x400x500mm
  • BS.111.041860 - 1800x400x600mm
  • BS.111.041880 - 1800x400x800mm

600mm Wide

  • BS.111.061540 - 1500x600x400mm
  • BS.111.061550 - 1500x600x500mm
  • BS.111.061560 - 1500x600x600mm
  • BS.111.061840 - 1800x600x400mm
  • BS.111.061850 - 1800x600x500mm
  • BS.111.061860 - 1800x600x600mm
  • BS.111.061880 - 1800x600x800mm

800mm Wide

  • BS.111.081540 - 1500x800x400mm
  • BS.111.081550 - 1500x800x500mm
  • BS.111.081560 - 1500x800x600mm
  • BS.111.081840 - 1800x800x400mm
  • BS.111.081850 - 1800x800x500mm
  • BS.111.081860 - 1800x800x600mm
  • BS.111.081880 - 1800x800x800mm

1000mm Wide Double Door*

  • BS.111.101840* - 1800x1000x400mm
  • BS.111.101850* - 1800x1000x500mm
  • BS.111.101860* - 1800x1000x600mm
  • BS.111.101880* - 1800x1000x800mm

1200mm Wide Double Door*

  • BS.111.121840* - 1800x1200x400mm
  • BS.111.121850* - 1800x1200x500mm
  • BS.111.121860* - 1800x1200x600mm
  • BS.111.121880* - 1800x1200x800mm

1600mm Wide Double Door*

  • BS.111.161840* - 1800x1600x400mm
  • BS.111.161850* - 1800x1600x500mm
  • BS.111.161860* - 1800x1600x600mm
  • BS.111.161880* - 1800x1600x800mm

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