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Warehouse Operative Job Vacancy August 2019

Warehouse Operative Vacancy Opening Date: Wednesday 14th August 2019 Closing Date: Friday 30th August 2019 We are looking for an experienced Warehouse Operative to join our team in Rochdale, Lancashire with an immediate start. The ideal candidate must be hard-working and committed to managing their own workload. Their organisation skills...

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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Consumer Unit

As you may already be aware, here at Expert Electrical, we have a panel of experts who are ready and willing to take your call and answer any and all questions you may have. This is one of our promises to our customers, and we are glad to say that...

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5 Key Places To Install Metal Enclosures

Metal enclosures are an essential piece of equipment that helps to protect you from electrical hazards in your property. Simple yet effective, a metal enclosure surrounds a circuit, switch or display to provide a barrier between yourself and electrical equipment and thus to prevent electric shocks. Steel enclosures (as well...

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Voltage Optimization Explained

Voltage optimization is the process of systematic reduction in the level of voltages received by a consumer (this kind of consumer). By reducing the supply voltage to your electrical equipment you can reduce your power consumption and energy usage. This process is controlled via voltage adjustment devices which are designed...

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How to Select the Correct Safety Switch

Choosing the right safety switch for your guard, gate or machinery is vitally important. Without sounding too dramatic, it could be a matter of life or death! As a distributor of Mechan Controls safety products we are able offer a large selection of safety switches but choosing the correct one isn't...

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Ways to Cut Down Energy In 2016

If you are still getting crazy electricity bills, its time you rediscovered some of the ways you can cut down on these costs. Research indicates that half of a household’s overall energy usage goes towards heating and cooling costs.

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