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UK Green Power Hits Record High in 2013

The UK generated almost 15 per cent of its power from renewable sources in 2013. Record levels, and up from 11.3 per cent in 2012, according to Government statistics released in July. More than 900 new wind turbines were built at land and sea and the annual bill for subsidies...

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Should We All Follow Warrington’s Example?

For years now, we’ve been on the search for cleaner, greener energy. From wind farms to solar roads to recycling to wave power, we’re now slowly getting there, but what else can we do? Well, Warrington Borough Council is aiming to reduce light pollution, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions...

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Should We Be Worried About the Impact of Cosmic Rays?

In an increasingly globalised world, it seems as though nothing is safe and now it isn’t just China or America threatening our systems here in Europe. In fact, unbeknownst to most of us, the threat actually extends much further, and our phones, computers and circuits are actually under threat from...

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Solar Road Ways Are Coming and They’re Going to Change Everything

You might think that roads are roads and that’s pretty much all they are. Right now, you’d probably be 100 percent correct with that assumption, but in the coming years, a new technology is going to change all that. It’s called Solar Roadways (TM). Essentially, these are LED-lighted, intelligent solar...

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The Perks of ByteLight

GE Lighting Develops Technology to Send Offers to Shoppers via LED Lighting Here at Expert Electrical, we’re big fans of LED technology – and now we like it even more. A US start-up, ByteLight, has developed a marketing platform which allows retailers to use the LED lights installed in their...

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How To Install Your Own LED Light Strips

So many places benefit from some extra lighting: underneath kitchen cabinets, your study, bathroom mirrors… The list goes on. A really easy way to add a little extra illumination is to install some LED lighting, so here’s a short guide for those who want to give fitting it a go...

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Cost Comparison: LEDs vs Traditional Halogen Lighting

When it comes to home lighting, LED bulbs are the flashy new kid on the block, the one with the latest phone and the edgiest hair who casts everyone else in shadow as soon as they appear. But are we doing our faithful old halogen lights a disservice by all...

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From Hospitals to Homes: Think Green, Go Green, Save Electricity

All things are good in moderation. That’s the famous adage at least. Although this normally applies to cake, crisps and chocolate, this is a philosophy that should be transferred to other areas of life. Now, when many people think of moderation, sustainability is at the heart of their thoughts. With...

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