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Mood Streetlights: Coming to a Town Near You?

Over the years, discussions about streetlight usage have intensified, with residents from across the world bemoaning a waste of electricity through the night while streets are lit without pedestrians. However, now, simply turning streetlights off and on is only part of the plans in place and now, as well as...

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The Advantages of PMA Conduit

PMA nylon conduit is a robust, tough type of conduit that is a technically better alternative to steel braided conduit in almost every way. Contrary to popular belief nylon conduit is stronger than steel braided conduit and is able to withstand a blow from a hammer. Although PMA conduit is...

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Omron Safety & Sensing Equipment - Photoelectric Sensors

The Reason Why Omron Are One of The Market Leaders In Safety & Sensing Equipment Omron are one of the largest manufacturers for machine safety and sensing equipment in the world. They offer a high end, but affordable, solution to the majority of guarding and sensing applications, no matter how...

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How to Correctly Utilize Power Supplies and Transformers

In this day and age, most of the devices and equipment we utilize today are rather sensitive to fluctuations in voltage levels and power cuts. This is especially true in the case of equipment using nanotechnology. It is therefore paramount that one is able to provide the correct kind and...

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How To Achieve The Best Circuit Protection

RCBOs (residual current circuit breaker with overload protection) incorporate the latest features in safety and comply with the most up to date wiring policies and regulations. They operate on earth fault and current overload situations which means they operate like a combined MCB and RCD at the same time in...

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Fitzgerald Energy Saving Luminaires

LED is the future but T5 is more efficient and cost effective for warehouse lighting. Fitzgerald T5 fluorescent fittings with PIR sensor available at www.downlightsdirect.co.uk

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Gewiss Enclosure Article

Gewiss plastic enclosures are a useful product in the electrical world and can be adapted to be useful in lots of different industries. In simple terms, an enclosure is a plastic box which is used to house delicate electrical components or many other types of products. There are lots of...

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The Benefits of Using Led Lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has accelerated at such a pace that it has now overtaken CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) as the preferred low energy alternative to halogen. As well as lasting thirty to forty times longer than halogen and three to four times longer than CFL, LED bulbs offer...

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Let Me Tell You What LED Lighting Strip Can Do For You

LED strip or LED tape is a versatile lighting solution that provides endless possibilities. Let me start by explaining what it actually is: LED lighting strip in its essence, is a continuous row of LEDs that have been soldered together with resistors to form a circuit. When powered by a...

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