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This selection of Rolec EV (electric vehicle) charge points is not part of the OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) scheme.

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    This selection of Rolec EV (electric vehicle) charge points is not part of the OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) scheme. The OLEV scheme allows installers to claim up to 75% off the cost of the parts and installation on behalf of the end user. The Rolec OLEV registered versions are available here but are intended for OLEV installers.

    The OLEVE scheme is a subsidised deal that the UK government is offering to help to kick-start the EV charging revolution.

    These particular products are not OLEV registered and are aimed at users who don't meet the OLEV criteria or don't want to claim the 75% grant.

    Rolec EV WallPod charge points offer an affordable solution for electric vehicle charging. The WallPod EV chargers are available in tethered or socketed versions and in 16A (3.6KW) or 32A (7.2KW) versions.

    The modern looking and cost effective design has helped Rolec EV chargers become the go-to brand for the UK marketplace. Rolec have been the fastest manufacturer to react to this emerging market, and they're manufactured and designed right here in the UK.

    The main difference between the output ratings is based on charging speeds, with the 3.6KW version charging in approximately 8 hours, which is recommended mainly for overnight charges. Compared with the 7.2KW version that charges around 90% of the battery in 3-4 hours.

    The tethered versions come with a 5M cable and type 2 male connector fitted on the end. The non tethered versions come with a type 2 female socket and require additional cable sets (also known as cord sets) which are often supplied with the EV vehicle. Their are pros and cons to each version. The socket version allows you to insert different cable sets such as type 1 or type 2 which can make it a more universal charge point especially for commercial premises where more people will use it. Were as the tethered version is physically connected, like a petrol pump, so you're never going to lose the cable set or risk getting it taken.

    These Rolec EV charges have the industry standard type 2 socket, with type 1 versions available on request. The worlds leading car manufacturers have adopted the type 2 connection system over type 1 and type 3 versions. Type 2 has won the battle and has been selected by the European Commission as the dedicated connector type for EV charging points and vehicle's.

    These wall mounted EV charging stations are ideal for the family home or for light commercial use. For commercial use their are slightly different guidelines, the commercial scheme is called the WCS (workplace charge scheme).

    Further information about OLEV and EV charging is available on request, please email us at: [email protected] to request a call back or site from our EV charging specialist. We're currently covering the Greater Manchester area but can facilitate nationwide enquiries. We can also offer trade discounts to registered OLEV installers, please email us with your details and we will send you a quotation.

    Key Features

    • Surface mounted
    • IP rating: IP65
    • Socket type: Type 2
    • 18th Edition Compliant - with type B RCD protection for DC currents. More information available here.
    • Mode 3 fast charging
    • Input voltage: 230V AC
    • Output voltage: 24V DC
    • Current rating: Available in 16A 3.6KW or 32A 7.2KW versions.
    • RCBO protected. Provides overload and residual current protection
    • Material: Polycarbonate (303 EP-22)
    • Colour: White base
    • UV resistant
    • Complies with: EN 61851-1:2001, EN 61851-21:2002, EN 61851-22:2002
    • Operating temperature: -30°C +50°C
    • Manufacturer: Rolec (Rolec WallPod)
    • Guarantee: 3 years

    If you'd like to find out more information about EV charge points including the grant funded OLEV scheme, check out our latest article by clicking on the banner below:

    EV Charge Points & OLEV Funding

    Charge Point Installation Service

    Under the OLEV scheme and in partnership with a local electrical contracting firm we can now offer fully installed EV charge points. Currently covering the Greater Manchester area, our contractor is able to supply and install a Rolec WallPod from £249 including VAT. This total installation price is cheaper than this product listing as he is able to claim back the funding from your behalf.

    EV Charge Point Installation Service

  • Specifications
    Amp Rating
    Brand Rolec EV Charge Points
    IP Rating IP65
    Product Type EV Charge Point
    Sku EVWP2***
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  • Dimensions


    • Length: 415.5mm
    • Width: 179mm
    • Depth: 142mm


    • Length: 367mm
    • Width: 179mm
    • Depth: 142mm

  • Product Codes
    SKUAmp RatingTethered
    EVWP201016Socket Outlet
    EVWP202032Socket Outlet
    EVWP208016Tethered Cable
    EVWP214032Tethered Cable