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SWA MICC Sealing Compound (100 Grams)

SWA MICC Sealing Compound (100 Grams)

Product-code: RMX


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SWA MICC Sealing Compound (100 Grams)

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SWA MICC Sealing Compound (100 Grams)


  • Type: Non oxidizing resin/oil based compound suitably filled with inert mineral fillers.
  • Appearance: Grey putty-like finish
  • Consistency: Putty-like
  • Flash Point: Minimum 200 degree C Temp
  • Range: 150 degree C continuous
  • Breakdown Strength: When tested in a cell with a 4mm gap at 18 degree C the compound withstood 25kV for 1 minute.
  • Product code: RMX
  • Manufacturer: Specialist Wiring Accessories

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