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TimeGuard PDWM1500 Wall Mount PIR Presence Detector

Product-code: PDWM1500


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TimeGuard PDWM1500 Wall Mount PIR Presence Detector

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TimeGuard PDWM1500 Wall Mount PIR Presence Detector


  • Switches lights ON when presence is detected and to light level (LUX) settings.
  • Ideal for energy saving installations in the workplace, corridors, offices, toilets etc.
  • Up to 1500W loading (6A) for incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and inductive lighting or 250W (1A) fan.
  • Units can be wired in parallel (not exceeding total load).
  • Enhanced 120 degree detection zone for optimum coverage.
  • Up to 10m detection range for motion and 5m for presence detection at 1.8m mounting height.
  • User-friendly adjustment for: * Light level - 5 to 1000 LUX
* Time ON - 1 to 30 minutes.
  • For surface mounting on a standard BS surface mount or flush mount box (min 16mm depth).
  • 3 wire connection.
  • Up to 420W LED (Max) lighting.
  • Operating Voltage: 230V AC
  • 1 or 2 Channel: 1 Channel
  • 1st Channel Filament/Halogen Loading: 1500W
  • 1st Channel Fluorescent/Low Energy Loading: 1500W
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • Detection Range (Max) Metres: 10m motion, 3m presence
  • Angle of Detection: 120 degree
  • Light ON Time After Last Detection (Adjustable): 30 Minutes
  • Permanent ON Facility: Electronic
  • Adjustable Light Level (LUX) Control: 5 to 1000 LUX
  • LED (Max) Lighting: Up to 420W
  • EC Directives: Conforms to Latest Directives
  • Product code: PDWM1500
  • Manufacturer: TimeGuard
  • Guarantee: 3 years

  • Height: 86mm
  • Width: 86mm
  • Depth: 22mm

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