ILME 16A - 80A Insert Enclosures

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ILME 16A - 80A Insert Enclosures with single or double lever connections.

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    ILME 16A - 80A Insert Enclosures with single or double lever connections.

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    • Manufacturer: Ilme
  • Specifications
    Brand Ilme
    Enclosure Type
    Lever Type
    Product Type Multipole Connector
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  • Product Codes
    SKUPolesAmp RatingEnclosure Type
    CHV06L136 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (P13.5)
    MHV06L206 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M20)
    CHV10L10 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M16)
    MHV10L2010 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M20)
    CHV16L16 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M21)
    MHV16L2516 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M25)
    CHV24L24 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M21)
    MHV24L2524 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M25)
    CHV1010 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M16)
    MHV10.2010 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M20)
    CHV1616 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M21)
    MHV16.2516 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M25)
    CHV2424 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M21)
    MHV24.2524 Pole + E16Top Entry Hood (M25)
    CHO06L136 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (PG13.5)
    MHO06L206 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (M20)
    CHO10L10 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (PG16)
    MHO10L2010 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (M20)
    CHO16L16 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (PG21)
    MHO16L2516 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (M25)
    CHO24L24 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (PG21)
    MHO24L2524 Pole + E16Surface Housing (M25)
    CHO1010 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (PG16)
    MHO10.2010 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (M20)
    CHO1616 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (PG21)
    MHO16.2516 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (M25)
    CHO2424 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (PG21)
    MHO24.2524 Pole + E16Side Entry Hood (M25)
    CHV06LG6 Pole + E16Coupler (PG16)
    MHV06LG256 Pole + E16Coupler (M25)
    CHV10LG10 Pole + E16Coupler (PG16)
    MHV10LG2510 Pole + E16Coupler (M25)
    CHV16LG16 Pole + E16Coupler (PG21)
    MHV16LG3216 Pole + E16Coupler (M32)
    CHV24LG24 Pole + E16Coupler (PG21)
    MHV24LG3224 Pole + E16Coupler (M32)
    CHV10G10 Pole + E16Coupler (PG16)
    MHV10G2510 Pole + E16Coupler (M25)
    CHV16G16 Pole + E16Coupler (PG21)
    MHV16G3216 Pole + E16Coupler (M32)
    CHV24G24 Pole + E16Coupler (PG21)
    MHV24G3224 Pole + E16Coupler (M32)
    CHI06L6 Pole + E16Bulkhead Housing
    CHI10L10 Pole + E16Bulkhead Housing
    CHI16L16 Pole + E16Bulkhead Housing
    CHI24L24 Pole + E16Bulkhead Housing
    CHI1010 Pole + E16Bulkhead Housing
    CHI1616 Pole + E16Bulkhead Housing
    CHI2424 Pole + E16Bulkhead Housing
    CHP06L6 Pole + E16Surface Housing (PG16)
    MHP06L206 Pole + E16Surface Housing (M20)
    CHP10L10 Pole + E16Surface Housing (PG16)
    MHP10L2010 Pole + E16Surface Housing (M20)
    CHP16L16 Pole + E16Surface Housing (PG21)
    MHP16L2516 Pole + E16Surface Housing (M25)
    CHP24L24 Pole + E16Surface Housing (PG21)
    MHP24L2524 Pole + E16Surface Housing (M25)
    CHP1010 Pole + E16Surface Housing (PG16)
    MHP10.2010 Pole + E16Surface Housing (M20)
    CHP1616 Pole + E16Surface Housing (PG21)
    MHP16.2516 Pole + E16Surface Housing (M25)
    CHP2424 Pole + E16Surface Housing (PG21)
    MHP24.2524 Pole + E16Surface Housing (M25)