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Welcome to Expertelectrical.co.uk. We are an independent online electrical wholesaler specialising in providing premium industrial electrical products to trade and consumers in the UK.

We’ve sourced only the best brands in the industry so that you don’t need to do a second of research. Our experts are ready to take your call, and our delivery fleet is always on the road, assuring you of functionality wherever you are. We believe that quality should guide every decision. It ensures your safety, stretches your pounds further, and assures you of durability, so you won’t find a single sketchy product on our virtual “shelves”.

Celebrated brands are important for keeping your utility bills at rock bottom and, once they’re installed, you won’t have to spend valuable time on maintenance. Ultimately, your entire electrical system needs to work hard without costing you time, effort, and money, which is what we achieve for every one of our clients.

Circuit Protection & Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are like the gatekeepers of every mechanical device you own, letting in electricity and keeping currents flowing. They’re thus critical to not only your safety, but that of all the devices you own.

Circuit protection is the purposeful installation of weak links into your circuits so that power is automatically cut off from your gadgets when there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

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Metal, Plastic & GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Enclosures

Your enclosure protects your electrics from you and the elements. It's essentially cabinetry for your electrical distribution, automation and other equipment, but it needs to be highly efficient.

Every application has its unique challenges. Metal enclosures are for harsh environments like industrial buildings that churn up too much dust for plastic enclosures to handle. Metal Enclosures can also be used in some home environment, such as basements and garages.

Plastic Enclosures are talented with insulation, which makes them perfect for outdoor areas. They’re attractive, blending in without detracting from your décor.

The harshest unprotected environments require GRP enclosures, which defend against all electrical contact risks. This makes them perfect for roadside areas and parks. GRP enclosures require a negligible amount of maintenance and can be installed on plinths, walls, and the ground.

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Motor Control Gear

A motor control gear starts and stops devices that contain small motors while simultaneously keeping their parts protected. It’s thus a critical part of your devices’ longevity. It’s responsible for controlling speed and braking or reversing rotation. Control gears protect you from harm if the motor starts unexpectedly.

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Cable And Cable Accessories

Never underestimate the role of your cables. They can mean the difference between a stellar experience and a shoddy one. Technology has come a long way in recent years, so premium cables don’t always carry the heavy price tags you might be used to. In most cases, it’s not cost that determines how well they work for you, but relevance. You need to select the perfect unit for your device.

Cable accessories let you complete your network, solving an array of potential problems. If you’re trying to connect an old device with a new one, for example, adapters are up for the task. Other accessories keep your cables neat and clearly identified, while others offer extra protection.

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Timers & Relays

Timers and relays fulfil a number of complex tasks, absorbing shock slowing down device startups and managing time delays. They give you reliable control without emptying your bank account, and they’re critical in sub-panel and small panel circuits. They’re available as base-mounted and plug-in devices and can be attached to a motor starter easily to give you absolute hands-free control. Some timers use solid state outputs, which are remarkably durable.

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