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One of the suppliers we are really pleased to be working with are Doncaster Cables. Built upon values of reliability and high standards, it’s easy to see why we selected them to be one of our key suppliers of cable.

They are often mistaken for just a brand, but when you get to know more about the people behind the name, we are sure you will be as happy to support this company as we are. 

Why We Selected Doncaster Cables As A Key Supplier Of Our Cables...

We like to think that we are a personable bunch and we always take the consideration of any of our suppliers very seriously, so this is why we are sharing a little bit about Doncaster Cables. 

We love their story, and as you can read here, it is inspiring just how much this amazing company has grown from adversity and are now a thriving British company. With over 1000 years of collective experience on their team, they definitely speak the same language as us.

Their standards and ethics are extremely high which definitely impressed us, so here is a little more about them if you are as interested to know more as we were...


The Best Of British...

Doncaster Cables is a trusted British cable company, being the largest British owned manufacturer of general wiring cables in the UK. They have been manufacturing cables to the highest quality British and European standards for over 35 years and pride themselves on the reputation they now have of offering cable of the highest level of quality and reliability. 

Their 300,000 square foot facility in South Yorkshire is equipped to handle every aspect of cable production, which means they control every element of the cable manufacturing process across 3000 different product lines. In a world where there is so much counterfeit cable, this feels like a wise move and one of the only ways you can be 100% certain of the quality you want to guarantee.

A Thriving Business...

The facility is operational 24 hours a day, five days a week and sometimes weekends too so it was good for us to know that they can meet our orders regardless of the size of them. They deal with everything from wire drawing through to final cable winding with it all being controlled by advanced plants and machinery., and produce a high-quality range of standard and specialist cables to meet the needs of wholesalers and electricians worldwide.

They also produce all of their own sheathing materials used in the manufacture of their cables, giving them even greater control over quality. Substandard sheathing can be a fire hazard, so this was further reassurance for us that they can vouch for their own standards,

They can supply everything from simple single core to complex multi-core cables, ranging in cross-sectional areas from 0.5 to 185 Square millimetres. All of their cables are subjected to stringent testing throughout the entire production process. Most conform not only to British, European and international standards but also with a Quality Management System audited and approved by third party organisations such as Basec, LPCB, CSA and UL.

Protecting Industry Standards...

What also impressed us is that they really walk their walk. They are founder members of the Approved Cables Initiative and support its mission to maintain high standards and highlight examples of substandard and counterfeit cable currently being sold in the UK marketplace. We also knew reliable deliveries from them wouldn’t be a problem as they offer a range of first-class delivery services, covering all areas of the UK and Europe. Their central UK location adds to the ease of this too.

It’s always concerning to work with a new company as any non-delivery on their part reflects on us, but one reason why we selected them was that they are as dedicated to customer service and industry-renowned reliability as we are.

This means that together we can provide highly efficient nationwide coverage, and distribution. They have cost-effective, export services, and have established strong relationships with numerous international shipping and freight partners throughout the world, so regardless of where you are, they can reach you via their expanding air, road and sea freight infrastructure.

A Perfect Partnership...

What has been an added pleasure is that they’re as enjoyable to deal with as they are reliable. Their experienced staff have the skills and knowledge needed to maintain the same high standards that they demand from their manufacturing processes. They are continually investing in modern cable making equipment with the aim of improving their production systems product quality and customer service even further. 

Like us, they are happy to work with electrical wholesalers too, so can deliver the safest, industry-approved cables to their customers. Being driven by values of quality, safety, reliability, and trust, you can see why teaming up with Doncaster Cables was a no brainer for us.


Long may it continue eh!


What is Doncaster cable?

Doncaster Cable is a cable made by Doncaster Cables - the largest British owned general wiring manufacturer in the UK. Starting out in 1984 and based in South Yorkshire, they have grown into an internationally recognised brand within the industry. Their plant handles everything in the manufacturing process - from the initial wire drawing to using their own materials in the sheathing process, to selling and distributing the cables across the globe. Proud to be British they are passionate about cable quality and safety, and pioneer quality initiatives to ensure the standards of cable in the UK are safe and reliable.


Who Owns Doncaster Cables?

Doncaster Cables is now the largest British owned general wiring manufacturer in the UK. They are based in South Yorkshire and are proud to be the only cable supplier that can guarantee that ALL of their flexible cords and general wiring cables are manufactured here in the UK. With a philosophy of traceability and doing the right thing underpinning all they do, they have overcome challenges like this to come out as one of the leading UK cable suppliers. Key employers in their local area, it can be seen here how they are hugely passionate about supporting the UK economy and upholding the standards that Britain is renowned for. 

What Is The Approved Cables Initiative

The Approved Cables Initiative is an independent collective of industry associations created to increase awareness of the increasing levels of fake cable entering the UK. According to government figures, over 27% of all electrical fires are attributed to faulty wires and cables. What’s alarming is that the number of electrical installers who are unable to understand specifications and differentiate between compliant and non-compliant cables is increasing too. Doncaster Cables is one of the founding members of the ACI, where together they aim to ensure cable used in the industry is safe and compliant with British safety standards. Independent advice on cables and legislation from the ACI can be found here.

Is It Safe To Use Counterfeit Cable?

In a nutshell, no it isn’t safe to use counterfeit cable at all. From cable which doesn’t work at all, to cable which is dangerous, the risk is too great for the sake of the saving you’d make. As you can see in this video, the cable intended for emergency lighting, (to show people how to exit a fire situation!) is supposed to withstand a direct flame for 3 hours to keep vital escape lighting functioning. The fake cable lasted 2 minutes, increased the ferocity of the fire and released highly toxic fumes. That’s a virtual death sentence and these cables are used in many public places such as schools and hospitals.


Why Is The Government Allowing So Much Counterfeit Cable Into The UK?

The problem here isn’t the government - it’s the scale of the problem. The previous video reveals that over 20 million metres of fake cable was seized in 9 months. Aesthetically, the cable looks identical to industry compliant cable, so unless it is tested, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference. This growing problem is why the Approved Cables Initiative was formed - to educate and collaborate as a nation on keeping cables safe. The biggest part you can play in this is by committing to buy cable from reputable suppliers who are endorsed by regulatory standards. 

Acts such as the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 are stark reminders that you have a duty of care to ensure your work meets the safety standards you are trading under. 

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