Whatever the application, we’ve got the cables and accessories you need to complete the job neatly, safely, and securely.

Almost every electrical installation requires cable and we’ve got an abundance of it. We now offer an extensive range of electrical cables that are available to order online. We stock an impressive selection of industrial and domestic electric cables, so no matter if you're wiring control panels, power sockets or even servo drives, we've got you covered.

Control and Switchgear Cables

We stock all of the reliable industrial cables required for applications such as wiring switch control, relay, and instrumentation panels for both power and switchgear. Select from SY, YY, CY, Tri-rated cables available by the meter and in a range of colours, from leading European brands such as Lapp and Doncaster Cables.

General Wiring and Flexible Cables

Browse a wide selection of general wiring and flexible cables for common day-to-day applications, available either by the meter or as complete reels. Our range comes in a number of different sizes and colours to help make your next household or commercial wiring job quick and easy.

Data and Alarm Cables

Our range of specialised data and alarm cables come in 100 metre lengths and include radio frequency cables, telephone cables, alarm cables, and satellite TV coaxial cables. For many types, you can also select the number of cable cores to ensure you’re using the correct rating for the application.

EV Cable and Cord Sets

If you’re an electric vehicle owner, we stock premium EV power cable and cord sets to keep you on the road and fully-charged. Our cables from leading brands including Rolec and Doncaster Cables include EV ultra cable, which is available by the meter, and 32A EV charging cord sets with either the standard type 2 connection, or a type 1 to type 2 conversion.

SWA Armoured Cable

Steel Wired Armoured (SWA) is an ultra hard-wearing type of electrical cable designed for a broad range of mains power applications. Select from a number of size and core options, including several varieties from Doncaster Cables, the UK’s leading cable manufacturer.

Fire Performance Cables

Our fire-resistant cables help to ensure that safety and emergency systems continue to operate even under extreme fire conditions, in applications such as auxiliary power for fire alarms, voice alarm systems, and emergency lighting systems. We're proud to stock UK-made fire performance cables available in 100 metre lengths and rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cable Accessories

We also supply all of the wiring connectors and accessories you’ll need to complete virtually any electrical job:

Din rail terminal blocks including ABB / Entrelec jumper bars and end plates. We also supply marker cards, screw clamp terminals, end stop brackets, and much more.

Cable glands and grommets to help you attach, secure, and protect your wiring while keeping it dust and moisture-free.

Connectors and terminals from leading electrical brands such as Hylec, Wago, and TimeGuard. Select from cable connectors, junction boxes, IP68 connectors, and a range of other accessories for safely joining and connecting electrical wires.

Cable clips and cleats to keep everything neat, safe, and secure. Our cable clips and cleats are available in many different sizes, colours, materials, and ratings, including fire clips for safety and emergency applications.