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Our current range of circuit protection equipment is capable of catering for any size of project involving power distribution and overload protection.

We provide the best prices on the market for circuit protection products allowing you to save money on your projects.

Our range of circuit protection products include:

  • MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers)
  • RCDs (Residual Circuit Devices)
  • RCBOs (Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overload protection)
  • MCCBs (Moulded Case Circuit Breakers)
  • Consumer units (fuse boards, single phase)
  • Distribution boards (three phase)
  • SPDs (Surge Protection Devices) including lightning protection (available on request)

To ensure you receive your order in good time we have a vast range of stock from popular brands such as Chint, Elucian, FuseBox and Schneider Electric.

Our most popular brand of consumer units are manufactured by FuseBox; FuseBox consumer units provide the most comprehensive level of circuit protection that includes overload, residual and surge. This go-to brand of circuit protection equipment is highly rated by electrical contactors due to its sturdy and spacious design. Unlike many other brands on the market, both the consumer units and the outgoing devices such as the MCBs and RCBOs are competitively priced.

What is Circuit Protection?

Circuit protection is a range of electrical products such as a fuse or circuit breaker that are designed to break the flow of electrical current within a circuit. They are the weakest link within a circuit that can be specifically defined to the nearest amp rating by the installer.

When a fuse blows or when a circuit breaker trips, they have been overloaded by too much current. This helps to protect the electrical equipment within the circuit. The fuse can be replaced, and the circuit breaker reset, while the more delicate electrical equipment remains protected.

An RCD or RCBO detects imbalances within the electrical flow, disconnecting the power faster than a traditional fuse or circuit breaker. The speed difference in which an RCD or RCBO reacts with, can make a difference between a person receiving a fatal electrical shock, making them an essential life saving device.

If you have any special requests or questions about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Circuit Breakers

Our vast selection of circuit breakers includes MCB's (Miniature Circuit Breakers) which are available in 6kA and 10kA versions. With the higher rated 10kA versions usually used in 3 phase distribution boards.

For even bigger industrial applications we have MCCB's (Molded Case Circuit Breakers) which are available in current ratings up to 1250 amps. No matter what your application is, here at Expert Electrical Supplies, we've always got an option available for your electrical circuit breaker requirements.