Chint NC2 Contactors

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  • Chint NC2 contactors are available in current ratings from: 115A to 630A (AC3)
  • This equates to kilowatt ratings from 55KW to 335KW
  • Available in a choice of pole types with 3 or 4 main poles
  • AC coil voltages include 110V, 230V and 415V
  • Features

    Chint NC2 contactors range from 115A to 630A making them suitable for higher loads. This equates to 55kW to 335kW. They are available in a choice of coil voltages and in 3 or 4 pole versions.

    A wide range of accessories are on offer such as thermal overloads, auxiliary contacts and spare coils. For smaller kilowatt ratings we also stock the NC1 series that range from 4KW to 45KW.

    Key Features

    • Current Ratings:
      - AC3 current rating: 55KW / 115 amp up to 335KW / 630 amp.
      - AC1 current rating: 200 amp to 800 amp.
    • Chint contactors are available in a choice of the most popular coil voltages including 110V, 230V and 415V.
    • Din rail mountable or fitted with holes for direct screw mounting onto a surface or mounting plate.
    • Available in 3 pole or 4 pole varieties and with a selection of auxiliary contacts.
    • If additional contacts are required we have a range of top mount auxiliaries available.
    • Chint contactors are a budget priced alternative to Telemecanique, Siemens, Moeller etc.
    • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Specifications
    Amp Rating
    Brand Chint
    Coil Voltage
    Contact Configuration
    Product Type Contactor
    Series Chint NC2 Series
    Sku NC2-*****-***V
    Warranty 5 Years
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  • Dimensions

    3 Pole

    NC2-115 (115 amp) 

    • Height: 163mm
    • Width: 167mm
    • Depth: 172mm

    NC2-150 (150 amp) 

    • Height: 171mm
    • Width: 167mm
    • Depth: 172mm
    NC2-185 (185 amp)

    • Height: 174mm
    • Width: 171mm
    • Depth: 183mm

    NC2-225 (225 amp)

    • Height: 197mm
    • Width: 171mm
    • Depth: 183mm
    NC2-265 (265 amp)

    • Height: 203mm
    • Width: 202mm
    • Depth: 215mm
    NC2-330 (330 amp)

    • Height: 206mm
    • Width: 213mm
    • Depth: 220mm
    NC2-400 (400 amp)

    • Height: 206mm
    • Width: 213mm
    • Depth: 220mm
    NC2-500 (500 amp)

    • Height: 238mm
    • Width: 233mm
    • Depth: 233mm
    NC2-630 (630 amp)

    • Height: 304mm
    • Width: 309mm
    • Depth: 256mm

    4 Pole

    NC2-11504 (115 amp)

    • Height: 163mm
    • Width: 204mm
    • Depth: 172mm
    NC2-15004 (150 amp)

    • Height: 171mm
    • Width: 204mm
    • Depth: 172mm
    NC2-18504 (185 amp)

    • Height: 174mm
    • Width: 211mm
    • Depth: 183mm
    NC2-22504 (225 amp)

    • Height: 197mm
    • Width: 211mm
    • Depth: 183mm
    NC2-26504 (265 amp)

    • Height: 203mm
    • Width: 247mm
    • Depth: 215mm
    NC2-33004 (330 amp)

    • Height: 206mm
    • Width: 261mm
    • Depth: 220mm
    NC2-40004 (400 amp)

    • Height: 206mm
    • Width: 261mm
    • Depth: 220mm
    NC2-63004 (630 amp)

    • Height: 304mm
    • Width: 389mm
    • Depth: 256mm
  • Product Codes
    SKUkW / Amp RatingContact ConfigurationCoil Voltage
    NC2-115-110V55kW / 115A3 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-115-230V55kW / 115A3 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-115-415V55kW / 115A3 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-150-110V75kW / 150A3 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-150-230V75kW / 150A3 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-150-415V75kW / 150A3 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-185-110V90kW / 185A3 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-185-230V90kW / 185A3 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-185-415V90kW / 185A3 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-225-110V110kW / 225A3 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-225-230V110kW / 225A3 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-225-415V110kW / 225A3 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-265-110V132kW / 265A3 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-265-230V132kW / 265A3 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-265-415V132kW / 265A3 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-330-110V160kW / 330A3 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-330-230V160kW / 330A3 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-330-415V160kW / 330A3 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-400-110V200kW / 400A3 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-400-230V200kW / 400A3 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-400-415V200kW / 400A3 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-500-110V250kW / 500A3 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-500-230V250kW / 500A3 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-500-415V250kW / 500A3 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-630-110V335kW / 630A3 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-630-230V335kW / 630A3 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-630-415V335kW / 630A3 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-11504-110V55kW / 115A4 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-11504-230V55kW / 115A4 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-11504-415V55kW / 115A4 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-15004-110V75kW / 150A4 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-15004-230V75kW / 150A4 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-15004-415V75kW / 150A4 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-18504-110V90kW / 185A4 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-18504-230V90kW / 185A4 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-18504-415V90kW / 185A4 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-22504-110V110kW / 225A4 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-22504-230V110kW / 225A4 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-22504-415V110kW / 225A4 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-26504-110V132kW / 265A4 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-26504-230V132kW / 265A4 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-26504-415V132kW / 265A4 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-33004-110V160kW / 330A4 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-33004-230V160kW / 330A4 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-33004-415V160kW / 330A4 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-40004-110V200kW / 400A4 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-40004-230V200kW / 400A4 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-40004-415V200kW / 400A4 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC2-63004-110V335kW / 630A4 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC2-63004-230V335kW / 630A4 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC2-63004-415V335kW / 630A4 Main Poles N/O415V AC