Chint NC6 Miniature Contactors

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  • Chint NC6 miniature contactors are ideal for switching smaller loads
  • Rated at 4kW or 9A (AC3)
  • Available in a choice of poles and contact configurations
  • AC coil voltages include 24V, 48V, 110V, 230V and 415V AC
  • Features

    Chint NC6 miniature contactors are ideal for use in applications when a smaller load needs to be switched. They are smaller in size than the NC1 range and can switch up to 4KW or 9 amps AC3. Available in a selection of AC coil voltages, contact configurations and in 3 or 4 pole versions.

    Key Features


    • Current Ratings:
      - AC3 current rating: 4KW / 9 Amp.
      - AC1 current rating: 20 Amp.
    • Chint NC6 miniature contactors are available in a choice of coil voltages (AC only), poles and contact configurations, please choose from the product options.
    • Din rail mountable or fitted with holes for direct screw mounting onto a surface or mounting plate.
    • Available with 3 main poles and auxiliary or 4 main poles.
    • If more contacts are required we have a range of auxiliary contacts available.
    • Miniature contactors are perfect for applications where space is restricted. They are just 58mm deep and 46mm wide.
    • Chint contactors are a budget priced alternative to Telemecanique, Siemens, Moeller etc.
    • Manufacturer: Chint
    • Guarantee: 5 years


  • Specifications
    Brand Chint
    Coil Voltage
    Contact Configuration
    Product Type Contactor
    Series Chint NC6 Series
    Sku NC6-09**-***V
    Warranty 5 Years
    kW Rating 4 kW
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    Data Sheet chint-nc6-data-sheet_1.pdf
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  • Dimensions
    • Height: 59mm
    • Width: 46mm
    • Depth: 58mm

    NC6 Drawing

  • Product Codes
    SKUContact ConfigurationCoil Voltage
    NC6-0910-24V3 N/O Poles With 1 N/O24V AC
    NC6-0910-48V3 N/O Poles With 1 N/O48V AC
    NC6-0910-110V3 N/O Poles With 1 N/O110V AC
    NC6-0910-230V3 N/O Poles With 1 N/O230V AC
    NC6-0910-415V3 N/O Poles With 1 N/O415V AC
    NC6-0901-24V3 N/O Poles With 1 N/C24V AC
    NC6-0901-48V3 N/O Poles With 1 N/C48V AC
    NC6-0901-110V3 N/O Poles With 1 N/C110V AC
    NC6-0901-230V3 N/O Poles With 1 N/C230V AC
    NC6-0901-415V3 N/O Poles With 1 N/C415V AC
    NC6-0904-24V4 Main Poles N/O24V AC
    NC6-0904-48V4 Main Poles N/O48V AC
    NC6-0904-110V4 Main Poles N/O110V AC
    NC6-0904-230V4 Main Poles N/O230V AC
    NC6-0904-415V4 Main Poles N/O415V AC
    NC6-0908-24V4 Main Poles 2 N/O & 2 N/C24V AC
    NC6-0908-48V4 Main Poles 2 N/O & 2 N/C48V AC
    NC6-0908-110V4 Main Poles 2 N/O & 2 N/C110V AC
    NC6-0908-230V4 Main Poles 2 N/O & 2 N/C230V AC
    NC6-0908-415V4 Main Poles 2 N/O & 2 N/C415V AC