Hellermann Tyton Polycarbonate CA Enclosures IP65

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A range of reinforced polyester Polyamide 66 thermoplastic enclosures to RAL7035.

  • Features

    A range of reinforced polyester Polyamide 66 thermoplastic enclosures to RAL7035.

    Key Features

    • Stabilized polycarbonate lids,ultraviolet resistant
    • Minimum order quantities apply on certain sizes, see product codes tab
    • Lids with holes for wire sealing
    • High mechanical resistance against impacts
    • Manufactured from non hygroscopic materials, water absorption practically nil.
    • Good stray current resistance
    • Resistance to corrosion by chemicals
    • Compact and light making it easy to install
    • Self extinguishing materials as per UNE53315 and ASTM D635.
    • Maximum working temperature –30oC to +120oC
    • Nominal intensity: 1,000A
    • Nominal voltage: 660V
    • Dielectric rigidity: > at 5,000V
    • Insulation resistance > at 5 M O
    • Fibre glass reinforced rear polyester panel,to RAL7035
    • Lid is made of colourless polycarbonate IP65 protection degree against dust, water and impacts
    • Excellent for outdoor use.
    • Manufacturer: Hellermann Tyton


  • Specifications & Dimensions
    Brand Hellermann Tyton
    Dimensions Located Below Specifications Table
    Enclosure Size (HxWxD)
    Lid Type
    Material Polyester
    Product Type Polycarbonate Enclosure
    Sku CA*****


    Width    Height    Depth    Transparent Lid    Opaque Lid   
    135mm 135mm 130mm CA1515 CA1515S
    180mm 135mm 130mm CA215 CA215S
    180mm 180mm 130mm CA220 CA220S
    270mm 135mm 130mm CA315 CA315S
    270mm 180mm 170mm CA32 CA32S
    270mm 270mm 170mm CA33 CA33S
    360mm 180mm 170mm CA42 CA42S
    360mm 270mm 170mm CA43 CA43S
    360mm 270mm 205mm CA43A CA43AS
    360mm 360mm 170mm CA44 CA44S
    360mm 360mm 205mm CA44A CA44AS
    540mm 270mm 170mm CA63 CA63S
    540mm 270mm 205mm CA63A  
    540mm 360mm 170mm CA64 CA64S
    540mm 360mm 205mm CA64A CA64AS
    540mm 540mm 170mm CA66 CA66S
    540mm 540mm 205mm CA66A CA66AS
    720mm 360mm 205mm CA84A CA84AS
    720mm 540mm 205mm CA86A CA86AS
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  • Product Codes
    SKU Enclosure Size (HxWxD) Lid Type MOQ
    CA1515 135x135x130mm Transparent Lid  
    CA215 135x180x130mm Transparent Lid 8
    CA1515S 135x135x130mm Opaque Lid 8
    CA220 180x180x130mm Transparent Lid 6
    CA215S 135x180x130mm Opaque Lid  
    CA220S 180x180x130mm Opaque Lid  
    CA315 135x270x130mm Transparent Lid 4
    CA32 180x270x170mm Transparent Lid  
    CA315S 135x270x130mm Opaque Lid  
    CA33 270x270x170mm Transparent Lid  
    CA32S 180x270x170mm Opaque Lid  
    CA33S 270x270x170mm Opaque Lid  
    CA43 270x360x170mm Transparent Lid  
    CA43S 270x360x170mm Opaque Lid  
    CA43AS 270x360x205mm Opaque Lid 4
    CA44S 360x360x170mm Opaque Lid  
    CA43A 270x360x205mm Transparent Lid 4
    CA44AS 360x360x205mm Opaque Lid 2
    CA63S 270x540x170mm Opaque Lid 2
    CA44 360x360x170mm Transparent Lid 2
    CA44A 360x360x205mm Transparent Lid 2
    CA63 270x540x170mm Transparent Lid 2
    CA64S 360x540x170mm Opaque Lid  
    CA63A 270x540x205mm Transparent Lid  
    CA64AS 360x540x205mm Opaque Lid 2
    CA64 360x540x170mm Transparent Lid  
    CA66S 540x540x170mm Opaque Lid  
    CA64A 360x540x205mm Transparent Lid  
    CA66AS 540x540x205mm Opaque Lid  
    CA66 540x540x170mm Transparent Lid  
    CA84AS 360x720x205mm Opaque Lid  
    CA66A 540x540x205mm Transparent Lid  
    CA84A 360x720x205mm Transparent Lid  
    CA86AS 540x720x205mm Opaque Lid  
    CA86A 540x720x205mm Transparent Lid