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Tri rated cable which is primarily used for wiring motor control and switch gear in electrical control panels. Available in a range of colours and sizes from 0.5mm² to 16mm².

  • Features

    Tri rated cable which is primarily used for wiring motor control and switch gear in electrical control panels. Available in a range of colours and sizes from 0.5mm² to 16mm². We have larger sizes such as 25mm² and up to 240mm² available on request.

    Tri-rated is a single core, flexible cable that has a PVC insulation and is approved to BS6231 among many other approvals (see data sheets tab). We also have a mm² to AWG (American Wire Gauge) converter chart here.

    Lapp Olflex Uniplus tri-rated cable is a high quality switchgear cable available at an affordable price. With 14 colours to choose from Lapp tri-rated is the perfect solution for your control panel wiring needs.

    Key Features

    • Temperature rating: 105 degrees C.
    • Sold in: 100mtr reels as standard, larges sizes from 25-240mm can be cut and supplied per metre on request.
    • Further specification including outer diameters and weights can be viewed in the data sheets tab.
    • UL style number: 1015
    • Voltage rating: 
      BS6231: 600V/1000V
      UL, CSA: 600V/1000V
      HD21.7 S2: 300V/500V, 450V/750V
    • Temperature range:
      Occasional flexing: -15 °C up to +105 °C max. conductor temp.
      Fixed installation -30 °C up to +105 °C max. conductor temp.
    • Minimum bend radius: 6x overall diameter
    • Flexible to Class 5 standard
    • Insulated sheath with a single layer of insulation
    • Flame retardant
    • CPR tested
    • Manufacturer: Lapp Cables

    When you choose to buy Lapp branded tri-rated cable you can always be confident that you're wiring the highest quality cables that achieve perfect colour consistency each time.


  • Specifications & Dimensions
    Lapp Cable
    Cable Cores 1
    Cable Size
    Dimensions Located Below Specifications Table
    Pack Rate
    Product Type
    Tri-Rated Cable
    Reel Length 100 M
    Sku TRI****
    3 Years


    • Nominal thickness of insulation: 0.8mm
    • Nominal overall outer diameter: 2.6mm
    • AWG (American wire gauge): 22 AWG
    • Maximum current rating: 11A


    • Nominal thickness of insulation: 0.8mm
    • Nominal overall outer diameter: 2.8mm
    • AWG (American wire gauge): 20 AWG
    • Maximum current rating: 14A


    • Nominal thickness of insulation: 0.8mm
    • Nominal overall outer diameter: 3mm
    • AWG (American wire gauge): 18 AWG
    • Maximum current rating: 17A


    • Nominal thickness of insulation: 0.8mm
    • Nominal overall outer diameter: 3.2mm
    • AWG (American wire gauge): 16 AWG
    • Maximum current rating: 21A


    • Nominal thickness of insulation: 0.8mm
    • Nominal overall outer diameter: 3.7mm
    • AWG (American wire gauge): 14 AWG
    • Maximum current rating: 30A


    • Nominal thickness of insulation: 0.8mm
    • Nominal overall outer diameter: 4.2mm
    • AWG (American wire gauge): 12 AWG
    • Maximum current rating: 41A


    • Nominal thickness of insulation: 0.8mm
    • Nominal overall outer diameter: 5.1mm
    • AWG (American wire gauge): 10 AWG
    • Maximum current rating: 53A


    • Nominal thickness of insulation: 1.14mm
    • Nominal overall outer diameter: 6.5mm
    • AWG (American wire gauge): 8 AWG
    • Maximum current rating: 75A


    • Nominal thickness of insulation: 1.52mm
    • Nominal overall outer diameter: 7.5mm
    • AWG (American wire gauge): 6 AWG
    • Maximum current rating: 100A

    25mm² - Available on request

    • Nominal thickness of insulation: 1.52mm
    • Nominal overall outer diameter: 9.1mm
    • AWG (American wire gauge): 4 AWG
    • Maximum current rating: 136A

    35mm² - Available on request

    • Nominal thickness of insulation: 1.52mm
    • Nominal overall outer diameter: 10.2mm
    • AWG (American wire gauge): 2 AWG
    • Maximum current rating: 167A
    • Other sizes up to 240mm² also available on request.
  • 3 Reviews Rating: 100%
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    Product Questions & Answers

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    How many core is your Lapp Cable TRIBK6.0/100M Tri-Rated Cable 6 mm?
    Question by: Shaida Razaq on 17 Oct 2022, 00:16
    Its single core, it's mainly used for wiring in control panels.
    Answer by: Chris Horridge (Admin) on 17 Oct 2022, 07:28

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  • Data Sheets & Brochures
    Product Attachments
    Data Sheet lapp-tri-rated-data-sheet.pdf
    Brand Brochure View or download brand brochure
  • Product Codes
    SKU Cable Size Colour  
    TRIBK0.5/100M 0.5mm Black  
    TRIGY0.5/100M 0.5mm Green and Yellow  
    TRIBR0.5/100M 0.5mm Brown  
    TRIGR0.5/100M 0.5mm Grey  
    TRIPK0.5/100M 0.5mm Pink  
    TRIVI0.5/100M 0.5mm Violet  
    TRIDBL0.5/100M 0.5mm Dark Blue  
    TRIBL0.5/100M 0.5mm Blue  
    TRIGN0.5/100M 0.5mm Green  
    TRILB0.5/100M 0.5mm Light Blue  
    TRIYW0.5/100M 0.5mm Yellow  
    TRIOR0.5/100M 0.5mm Orange  
    TRIRD0.5/100M 0.5mm Red  
    TRIWH0.5/100M 0.5mm White  
    TRIBK0.75/100M 0.75mm Black  
    TRIGY0.75/100M 0.75mm Green and Yellow  
    TRIBR0.75/100M 0.75mm Brown  
    TRIGR0.75/100M 0.75mm Grey  
    TRIPK0.75/100M 0.75mm Pink  
    TRIVI0.75/100M 0.75mm Violet  
    TRIDBL0.75/100M 0.75mm Dark Blue  
    TRIBL0.75/100M 0.75mm Blue  
    TRIGN0.75/100M 0.75mm Green  
    TRILB0.75/100M 0.75mm Light Blue  
    TRIYW0.75/100M 0.75mm Yellow  
    TRIOR0.75/100M 0.75mm Orange  
    TRIRD0.75/100M 0.75mm Red  
    TRIWH0.75/100M 0.75mm White  
    TRIBK1.0/100M 1mm Black  
    TRIBR1.0/100M 1mm Brown  
    TRIGR1.0/100M 1mm Grey  
    TRIPK1.0/100M 1mm Pink  
    TRIVI1.0/100M 1mm Violet  
    TRIDBL1.0/100M 1mm Dark Blue  
    TRIBL1.0/100M 1mm Blue  
    TRIYW1.0/100M 1mm Yellow  
    TRIGN1.0/100M 1mm Green  
    TRILB1.0/100M 1mm Light Blue  
    TRIOR1.0/100M 1mm Orange  
    TRIRD1.0/100M 1mm Red  
    TRIWH1.0/100M 1mm White  
    TRIGY1.0/100M 1mm Green and Yellow  
    TRIBL1.5/100M 1.5mm Blue  
    TRIGY1.5/100M 1.5mm Green and Yellow  
    TRIBK2.5/100M 2.5mm Black  
    TRIBR1.5/100M 1.5mm Brown  
    TRIGR1.5/100M 1.5mm Grey  
    TRIPK1.5/100M 1.5mm Pink  
    TRIVI1.5/100M 1.5mm Violet  
    TRIDBL1.5/100M 1.5mm Dark Blue  
    TRIBK1.5/100M 1.5mm Black  
    TRIGN1.5/100M 1.5mm Green  
    TRILB1.5/100M 1.5mm Light Blue  
    TRIYW1.5/100M 1.5mm Yellow  
    TRIOR1.5/100M 1.5mm Orange  
    TRIRD1.5/100M 1.5mm Red  
    TRIWH1.5/100M 1.5mm White  
    TRIGY2.5/100M 2.5mm Green and Yellow  
    TRIBR2.5/100M 2.5mm Brown  
    TRIGR2.5/100M 2.5mm Grey  
    TRIPK2.5/100M 2.5mm Pink  
    TRIVI2.5/100M 2.5mm Violet  
    TRIDBL2.5/100M 2.5mm Dark Blue  
    TRIBL2.5/100M 2.5mm Blue  
    TRIGN2.5/100M 2.5mm Green  
    TRILB2.5/100M 2.5mm Light Blue  
    TRIYW2.5/100M 2.5mm Yellow  
    TRIOR2.5/100M 2.5mm Orange  
    TRIRD2.5/100M 2.5mm Red  
    TRIWH2.5/100M 2.5mm White  
    TRIBK4.0/100M 4mm Black  
    TRIGY4.0/100M 4mm Green and Yellow  
    TRIBR4.0/100M 4mm Brown  
    TRIGR4.0/100M 4mm Grey  
    TRIPK4.0/100M 4mm Pink  
    TRIVI4.0/100M 4mm Violet  
    TRIDBL4.0/100M 4mm Dark Blue  
    TRIBL4.0/100M 4mm Blue  
    TRIGN4.0/100M 4mm Green  
    TRILB4.0/100M 4mm Light Blue  
    TRIYW4.0/100M 4mm Yellow  
    TRIOR4.0/100M 4mm Orange  
    TRIRD4.0/100M 4mm Red  
    TRIWH4.0/100M 4mm White  
    TRIBK6.0/100M 6mm Black  
    TRIGY6.0/100M 6mm Green and Yellow  
    TRIBR6.0/100M 6mm Brown  
    TRIGR6.0/100M 6mm Grey  
    TRIPK6.0/100M 6mm Pink  
    TRIVI6.0/100M 6mm Violet  
    TRIDBL6.0/100M 6mm Dark Blue  
    TRIBL6.0/100M 6mm Blue  
    TRIGN6.0/100M 6mm Green  
    TRILB6/100M 6mm Light Blue  
    TRIYW6.0/100M 6mm Yellow  
    TRIOR6.0/100M 6mm Orange  
    TRIRD6.0/100M 6mm Red  
    TRIWH6.0/100M 6mm White  
    TRIBK10.0/100M 10mm Black  
    TRIGY10.0/100M 10mm Green and Yellow  
    TRIBR10.0/100M 10mm Brown  
    TRIGR10.0/100M 10mm Grey  
    TRILB10.0/100M 10mm Light Blue  
    TRIBL10.0/100M 10mm Blue  
    TRIRD10.0/100M 10mm Red  
    TRIBK16.0/100M 16mm Black  
    TRIGY16.0/100M 16mm Green and Yellow  
    TRIBR16.0/100M 16mm Brown  
    TRIGR16.0/100M 16mm Grey  
    TRIBL16.0/100M 16mm Blue  
    TRIYW16.0/100M 16mm Yellow  
    TRIRD16.0/100M 16mm Red  
    TRIDBL10.0/100M 10mm Dark Blue  
    TRIDBL16.0/100M 16mm Dark Blue  
    TRIPK10.0/100M 10mm Pink  
    TRIPK16.0/100M 16mm Pink  
    TRILB16.0/100M 16mm Light Blue  


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