FuseBox Type 2 Surge Protection Device T2 for TN Systems

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FuseBox Type 2 Surge Protection Device T2 for TN Systems

  • Features

    FuseBox Type 2 surge protection device T2 for TN Systems. 2 modular width version. Also available in a 1 modular width version SPDCUKITT2 that comes with a 32A MCB and cable.

    Key Features

    • 2 Module 35mm DIN Rail Mount
    • Easy-fit MCB Form Factor
    • E,N&L 6mm cables supplied
    • Terminal Capacity Maximum: 16mm2
    • SPD (Surge Protection Device)
    • Installation instructions & device sticker included
    • Surge protection device must be installed upstream of an RCD within the installation.
    • Flag indication: Green = Good / Red = Replace
    • Nominal discharge current: (In 8/20us) 20kA
    • Max. Discharge current: (Imax 8/20us) 40kA
    • Metal Oxide Varistor
    • IP rating: IP20
    • Max. Voltage 275V
    • Back up fuse: 125A fuse gG
    • Product code: SPD2PT2
    • Manufacturer: FuseBox


  • Specifications
    Brand FuseBox
    Product Type Surge Protection Device
    Warranty 1 Years
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