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  1. Ways To Prevent Electrical Faults

    There are different categories of electrical faults that can occur in both the home and at work, usually occurring either through the 'hard wiring' of the electrical distribution system or at the individual appliance level. Electrical faults are dangerous, with the main risks being electric shock, fire and damage to equipment and property. Preventative steps can, however, be undertaken quite easily.
  2. Schneider Electric Signs Groundbreaking Partnership Agreement

    Global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric, has entered into a sales and implementation partnership with top Cloud E/CTRM vendor Aspect Enterprise Solutions. This will allow SMEs to access a complete risk management software solution, offering the most comprehensive Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) solution to the energy trading and risk management space. Schneider Electric is the leading provider...
  3. How to Find a Good Electrician

    Finding an electrician is not difficult, it’s finding one that is qualified, won’t rip you off and will do a good job. Going by price won’t work, because however much you pay you can never guarantee good quality workmanship. So we’ve put together a guide to help you find a good electrician. Word of Mouth The first port of call...
  4. Should We Be Worried About the Impact of Cosmic Rays?

    Should We Be Worried About the Impact of Cosmic Rays?
    In an increasingly globalised world, it seems as though nothing is safe and now it isn’t just China or America threatening our systems here in Europe. In fact, unbeknownst to most of us, the threat actually extends much further, and our phones, computers and circuits are actually under threat from space. Far from mere scaremongering, these concerns over cosmic events...