Future Electricity

  1. Ways to Cut Down Energy In 2016

    If you are still getting crazy electricity bills, its time you rediscovered some of the ways you can cut down on these costs. Research indicates that half of a household’s overall energy usage goes towards heating and cooling costs.
  2. Guide To Electric Cars In 2015

    In this article, we'll explore the huge increase in electric cars on the roads of the UK in the last few years.
  3. A New Way to Generate Electricity?

    A new way to generate electricity could mean electric cars and electronic gadgets run longer. Four years ago, researchers in Michael Strano’s chemical engineering lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) coated a short piece of wool made out of carbon nanotubes with TNT and lit one end with a laser. It burned like a fuse, demonstrating a new way...
  4. From Hospitals to Homes: Think Green, Go Green, Save Electricity

    All things are good in moderation. That’s the famous adage at least. Although this normally applies to cake, crisps and chocolate, this is a philosophy that should be transferred to other areas of life. Now, when many people think of moderation, sustainability is at the heart of their thoughts. With the cost of energy bills rising constantly, consumers have become...
  5. Greece Gets €235m to Improve Electricity Network: Should We Do The Same?

    March has been a pivotal month for the Greek economy as it begins to finally recover from the impacts of the crash in 2008. In order for businesses and homes alike to recover substantially, it is believed that the country needs a much improved energy system to fuel demand and prevent power cuts. What’s Happening Over in Greece? Now, help...