All things are good in moderation. That’s the famous adage at least. Although this normally applies to cake, crisps and chocolate, this is a philosophy that should be transferred to other areas of life. Now, when many people think of moderation, sustainability is at the heart of their thoughts. With the cost of energy bills rising constantly, consumers have become much more aware of how much electricity they are using on a daily basis. Such a move has been aided by today’s technology driven lifestyle, with new technologies driving efficiency.

Green Energy, Green Living

Environmentally friendly is the buzzword of the times now and, with the focus increasingly shifting towards green energy and green living specifically, the quest for moderate usage is well underway in homes and businesses across the country.  Above all others, hospitals have been the first to adopt this viewpoint.

The electrical power designs of hospitals are incredibly complex. Due to the fact that hospitals need to be fully operational even when power cuts arise, the whole design structure takes a concerted effort from engineers, planners as well as a huge amount of capital. If hospitals can run in this scenario, then so can any home or business and, if they’re able to do it in a sustainable, eco-friendly matter, then they can be a blueprint for the future. With the size, scale and volume of machinery in hospitals, every precaution must be taken and, because they require more energy than other buildings, they have the ability to prove that sustainable technologies can work anywhere.

The Expansion of the Renewable Energy Sector

In the US, hospitals only account for a mere 2% of floor space, but a staggering 6% of the total electricity. This shows just how elaborate the plans behind hospital electrics are and also reveals why it is now vital that they find a way to source sustainable energy sources. With utility and infrastructure costs increasing alongside electricity costs, a rapid solution must be sought. Fortunately, the renewable energy sector has expanded hugely over the course of the past decade and now US hospitals are able to take advantage, saving large sums of money in the process.

Make the Small Changes to Make a Difference

For example, many hospitals are now looking towards wind power to ease their energy woes. Cutting down costs, creating a sustainable environment and producing cleaner air now need to be at the heart of any business/facility or home and, with hospitals, we are now seeing this take the form of wind farms. The quest for balanced, renewable energy sources takes a number of forms, but it is undoubted that on this sort of scale, volume and distribution are the key focus areas.

By using sustainable energies and following the examples of hospitals, energy consumption could be cut by as much as 30% overall. A green revolution appears to be upon us, and we all need to be ready for it when it finally arrives.

Of course, your home/office/ business will not use anywhere near as much energy as a hospital but, as the old adage goes, ‘every little helps’. So, why not follow from their example and make small scale changes?

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