As you may already know, there are plenty of lighting product manufacturers, and we feature a good number of them here at Expert Electrical. But one lighting product manufacturer has recently increased its product range for the benefit of customers requiring commercial and industrial lighting: Venture Lighting. Apart from releasing its newest and latest catalogue of products, customers who have specific lighting requirements for their commercial establishments, factories, warehouses, and other types of business premises will be happy to know that Venture Lighting has a lot more to offer here at Expert Electrical. In fact, we are proud to say that we have one of the most extensive portfolios when it comes to commercial and industrial LED lighting, including the Venture Lighting brand.

From ceiling panels to LED tubes, emergency exit signs, high bay lamps, and more, Venture Lighting is sure to accommodate whatever lighting requirements you may have. Venture Lighting not only specialises in commercial and industrial lighting, however – it also offers a broad selection of display lighting products, emergency lighting products, flood lighting, street lighting, and domestic lighting products. Let’s take a look at the newest offerings from this lighting product manufacturer.

Venture Lighting

The top features of Venture Lighting products: what you can expect?

With Venture Lighting, quality and versatility, as well as energy efficiency, are of paramount importance. The company has been in existence for over 30 years, and this has enabled Venture Lighting to improve its offerings and expand its range for the benefit of customers who have detailed and specific lighting needs.

  • The CE mark

First of all, Venture Lighting products have the European Community ‘CE’ mark, which signifies that its items comply with the requirements of all important directives from the EU.

  • Warranty

Venture Lighting can honestly say that it has one of the best warranties for its lighting products around. Venture Lighting has made a promise that all its products are guaranteed to work and operate for the period it is stated to operate. So, if a product has a guarantee of 5 years, then customers can expect this product to function for a minimum of 5 years.

  • LED life and L80 rating

All the Venture Lighting luminaries have published LED life figures of L70, B50 unless specified otherwise. The classification refers to the light output of the product, so if a product is specified to have L70 classification and 50,000 hours, then it will produce, at the very least, 70 percent of its output for 50,000 hours. If a product has an L80 rating, it follows that its output will be higher than L70.

  • The IP rating

IP rated products – products which have a marking of Ingress Protection – provide a degree or level of protection against ingress. Ingress, in this case, is classified as dust, water, body parts like fingers and hands, and accidental contact. The level of protection will depend on the classification (e.g. IP65 which offers resistance to both water and dust).

Of course, there are other features you can expect from Venture Lighting products, such as ECA compliance, class 1, 2, or 3, and the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, or DALI driver.

Venture Lighting Exit Sign

The new numbering system for parts offered by Venture Lighting

For those who would like to order Venture Lighting luminaries and build their own products, Venture Lighting makes the task much easier with its new part numbering system. Customers simply need to choose their preferred product, and then add the features and accessories they would like to include, such as CD (DALI dimmable), DC (Diffuser Coated), SH (Sensor High Level), SL (Sensor Low Level), EM (Emergency), and so on. Many of these more specialised features are available on request.

The new product range

 For commercial and industrial lighting, Venture Lighting has a wide range of new products on offer. These include IP65 LED Panels – Edge Lit, LED Panels – 1200mm x 300mm, VAcademy – Surface Linear products, LED Elite Highbay products, VClean – Highbay lights, VSky – Highbay lights, VPanel – Linear Highbay lights, VRack – Linear Highbay lights, LED Batten – Pro, Vopto – Interior Bulkheads, IP66 Exterior Bulkheads, and LED Downlights – VLuma.

The other lighting products being offered by Venture Lighting include LED Emergency 6-in-1 Exit Signs, LED Emergency Twin Spot lights (IP20 and IP65), LED Emergency Bulkheads, LED Emergency Remote Packs, LED Floodlights (Stainless Steel), LED Floodlights (Elite), VSoldier, and VSoldier Plus.

A new selection of LED panels

When it comes to LED panels for industrial and commercial use, Venture Lighting does not disappoint. The latest LED panel models from Venture Lighting are not only more energy efficient and of top quality – they are made with an increased consideration for their impact on the environment as well. The VLuma range, for example, features the latest in regard to LED technology and is made with an eye for optimal energy efficiency as well as savings in energy.

More details on the new LED panels

The Edge Lit LED Panels (IP65) from Venture Lighting – PNL023, PNL024, and PNL025 – feature 50,000 hours of output, 5-year warranty, CE marking, and ECA compliance. But not only this – the panels are equipped with a self-adhesive gasket made from silicone for the best water protection for ceiling grids. This makes the LED panels much more suitable for specific applications, such as clean rooms. The LED panels have a wide beam angle and are rated 37 Watts and 3,400 Lumens.

Another featured product is the VLuma Edge Lit LED Panels, PNL013 and PNL014. Both types of panels have wide beam angles, and PNL013 has 2,900 Lumens whilst PNL014 has 3,000 Lumens. They also come with panel kits and accessories. Panel kits include a basic non dimmable LED driver, or dimmable drivers with DALI/Switch dim, remote emergency pack and DALI/Switch Dim/Emergency drivers. Accessories can include a surface mount box, a 3W standalone emergency pack with a white and silver bezel, a remote emergency pack, or a 4W remote emergency pack.

Venture Lighting also has the latest collection of Edge Lit LED Panels measuring 1200mm by 300mm, PNL020, PNL021, and PNL022. The panels are rated at 3,000 Lumens and come with accessories that include a suspension mount, a 3W standalone emergency pack with a white and silver bezel, a remote emergency pack, or a 4W remote emergency pack. These panels are not supplied with drivers, so customers can select their preferred panel kits (with driver, with DALI/Switch dim, with remote emergency pack, and with DALI/Switch dim/Emergency).

The above-mentioned products are just a few of the key products recently made available by Venture Lighting. And with Venture Lighting’s focus on quality, energy efficiency, durability, flexibility, and versatility, any customer with various commercial and industrial lighting needs will be more than satisfied.

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