Kinetic switches are battery-free, self-powered, and wireless switches that operate using kinetic energy. As their name suggests, these switches require no power source (whether through batteries or electricity), wiring, or any physical connection to operate.

The switches pair with receivers which do need to be wired into the lighting circuit. They’re most common application is for use with light fixtures but can be used with other devices, just don't go over the recommended loading rating of the receiver, which varies per brand - usually at 5 amps.

Kinetic switches require no cables or circuits to operate. Thus, they’re easy to work with, and you can place them anywhere you want around the house or business property. Either stick them onto a clean surface or use an existing back box.

Using a kinetic switch eliminates the need to drill your walls for cables or worry about wiring. There is no requirement for back box installations which makes new installations quick & easy. The wireless control gives you the choice of being able to stick it onto a surface that's most convenient for your needs.

How It Works

The switches have a built-in micro energy generator that converts kinetic energy to electrical energy through voltage pulse. As a result, pressing the switch’s “on” button creates sufficient kinetic energy to generate and transfer a radio signal. The signal then activates the receiver through a wireless connection, the receiver then activates the light or device that its wired into.

The same activity works when you want to deactivate. The switch (or transmitter) will notify the receiver (shown below) of your current request, and the latter will send a signal to stop the action (turn off the light or device).

Forum Kinetic Receiver

Forum Kinetic Receiver


Kinetic switches provide users with wireless and almost limitless switching solutions. Since they require no power source, they’re the ideal option to use in places where its difficult or impossible for cables to be run. Their versatility makes them the most cost effective solution for providing wire-free switching or dimming in all types of walls and surfaces.

Each switch, or gang requires its own receiver that needs to be positioned within range of the switch. The range does vary from brand to brand, the Forum Lighting version has an outdoor range of up to 40 metres and an indoor range of up to 15 metres. Or the Ener-J Pro Range which is up to 100 metres outdoor and 30 metres indoor.

Both the Forum and Ener-J brands are available with integrated Wi-Fi versions which provide smart phone control. Forum operates with the universal Tuya App and Ener-J have the own App along with a variety of other smart devices.

They work well across a wide variety of surface materials including marble, tile, ceramic, glass, metal, or smooth surfaces like painted and lime walls. They’re pretty portable and easy to use. You can use them as portable hand-held switches or place them where it’s more convenient for you. There are also wireless fob versions which you can store anywhere you like, such as inside your desk draw.

Some kinetic switch applications include:

  • Lighting, providing local control for light fixtures

  • Workshops, garages and sheds

  • Garden lighting

  • Bedside switch

  • Kitchen lighting

  • Bathrooms - with an IP rated version

Pairing Your Receiver

Once the receiver has been wired into the circuit, you can begin the pairing procedure. Simply press the pairing button on the receiver for 3-4 seconds, the press the kinetic switch once. You'll then be able to activate the receiver from the switch. This is based on the Forum Kinetic Wi-Fi receiver and more information can be found in the instruction manual here.

Forum Konect Switches to Choose From

The Forum Konect series is available in a selection of finishes from matt black and matt white in a choice of 1 to 3 gang versions. The switches themselves can be used to switch or dim, you just need to select a dimmable receiver if you want the dimmable option. A 3 gang switch would require 3 receivers. The dimmable receiver also features Wi-Fi control, it operates with the Tuya App to provide many other features such as being able to activate the receiver from your phone and with timer and scene settings. A short brochure about this range is available here.


Matt Black 1 Gang Kinetic Switch

Matt Black 1 Gang Kinetic Switch

Matt White 3 Gang Kinetic Switch

Matt White 3 Gang Kinetic Switch

Ener-J Kinetic Switches

With 2 ranges available that include PRO Range and the ECO Range. Both are IP65 rated and require receivers from either the Pro Range or Eco Range.  The advantages of using the Ener-J brand is that you can control multiple Ener-J devices from the same App, with a wide range of smart electrical products from CCTV, heating and lighting. They also work with voice activated control systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Ener-J Pro Range

Ener-J Pro Range


Ener-J Eco Range

Ener-J Eco Range

Advantages of Using a Kinetic Switch

One of the first merits that come into mind when you talk about a wireless switch is the ability to use it without destroying the walls. The switches allow you to connect several lights to it and have a multi-control.

Using it as a remote controlled switch is just an added advantage. Everyone loves speed and convenience. The more control you have over your applications, your daily activities improve. Here are some reasons you should start considering this type of switch for your next project.

1. Easy to Install

Installing a kinetic switch doesn’t require you to drill the walls or run wires and pipes through the ceiling. Just place it anywhere that's convenient for you. You don't have to fix it to a surface, you can decide to use it as a hand-held switch (remote controlled switch), or use the fob version.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Wireless switches use no batteries and require no construction waste to install. That helps you limit CO2 emissions, renovation waste, and noise.

3. They’re Durable

Kinetic switches use no batteries and don’t cause any wear and tear. As a result, these switches can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance.

4. Flexible and Allow for Multi-switching

A remote controlled switch works at your convenience. Depending on what you want, these switches can work from a wall, or you can use them as hand-held. Also, the switches allow pairing with multiple light fixtures or devices as long as they’re within their load range.

You can also change the location of the switch much more efficiently and conveniently.

5. Saves You Money and Time

A kinetic switch requires no hard labour during installation. Also, you won’t need to drill the walls or ceiling to install wires and pipes. Thus, the wireless switch reduces your construction costs by up to 30% and increases your progress by 40%, parallel to traditional options.

6. They’re Safe

Kinetic switches are mostly waterproof, from IP42 to IP65. Since they use no direct electric connections, these switches can even be used in bathrooms or any place with water or moisture. Create your own bathroom dimmer switch.

Final Thoughts

Kinetic switches offer an excellent way to take control of your connections and power your home in style at an affordable cost. You probably don’t like the idea of drilling new holes in your walls if you don't have to. Why not use this easy, quick, and efficient switching solution?

Expert Electrical Supplies has a comprehensive selection available, if you’re looking for a wireless switching solution you can order online or talk to a panel of electric experts to discuss your enquiry in further detail.