A lot of people are asking what all the fuss about LED lighting is? Well the life-expectancy is one of the many plus-points to consider if you're thinking about jumping on the LED bandwagon. A 6W Philips Master GU10 LED lamp lasts for approx. 40,000 hours, which if used for an average of 6 hours per day, can last up to around 18 years!

Compare this with a 50w halogen bulb, which you will find will need to be replaced after only 2,000 hours or 333 days if used for same average per day as mentioned above. From this evidence, it is clear to see that if you don't want the hassle and cost of replacing your halogens potentially every year then it is best to switch to an LED lighting solution available at Downlights Direct.

For your convenience, check out our video explaining a 50w Halogen vs. 7w Philips Master LED GU10.

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