The Reason Why Omron Are One of The Market Leaders In Safety & Sensing Equipment

Omron are one of the largest manufacturers for machine safety and sensing equipment in the world. They offer a high end, but affordable, solution to the majority of guarding and sensing applications, no matter how complex. They understand the importance of high quality, reliable products – resulting in them conducting intensive tests to the highest of standards, giving the customer total peace of mind.

Knowing you are buying reliable products is essential as one small failure on a piece of safety equipment could result in somebody being seriously injured, or even killed.  On the other hand, failed equipment in a production area could lead to costly down time which can be critical when trying to meet the exceeding demands in many production schedules.

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors work by transmitting a signal, often infrared, to a photoelectric receiver. They are primarily used in the manufacturing industry to detect presence of items on production lines and to rapidly alert operators when problems occur.

There are 3 main types of photoelectric sensors (see diagram below). Through beam type sensors send a signal from the transmitter to the receiver; an object is detected when the light beam is blocked from the receiver.  Retro reflective sensors send a signal to a reflector which bounces the signal back to the receiver; again an object is detected when the light beam is blocked. The diffuse range of sensors work in a different way, the light beam bounces back from the object it is trying to detect, so when a signal is received it shows the product has been detected. Omron’s new range of M18 photoelectric sensors (E3FA range) features a bright LED light for easy installation and alignment.


Author: Steven Ross