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Remote Control Dimmers

Posted by Chris on November 26, 2011.

By using a combination of Rako wired or wireless controllers you can dim LED bulbs at the touch of a button. This LED dimmer switch combination adds a certain level of panache to a household lighting installation.

First choose your dimmer module, this depends on what type of lights you want to dim. For LEDs like Philips Master LEDs or Halers Evo LEDs , the RDT500-C trailing edge dimmer works best.  This module will allow you to dim up to 12 of the popular Philips 6W GU10 LED bulbs.

Then choose your controller. It is best to have a keypad so select the RCP-07W, then select a remote control. You can have a basic remote control or the advanced RAH-SMART which provides more functions.

This Rako kit is wireless and very easy to install. If you want to expand it to other rooms then this is allows possible. Their is also the APR-BRIDGE module that allows you to control your lights from a PC or even Iphone by using the Rako APP.


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