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What is an RCD?

A basic circuit protection setup would consist of a consumer unit, miniature circuit breakers, RCBO's and residual current devices. In this article I will provide information about the residual current device and explain its uses. A residual current device or better known as an RCD is a key safety device...

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Philips Master LED GU10 Bulb

The 7W Philips Master GU10 LED Bulb was one of the first dimmable LEDs on the market and has been around over three years. There are now many other GU10 LED bulbs on the market but the Philips Master LED still leads the way in terms of light output and...

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Remote Control Dimmers

By using a combination of Rako wired or wireless controllers you can dim LED bulbs at the touch of a button. This LED dimmer switch combination adds a certain level of panache to a household lighting installation. First choose your dimmer module, this depends on what type of lights you...

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Revolutionary New Twister Cable Connector

Revolutionary New Twister Cable Connector Welcome to the new range of Twister cable connectors, a great alternative and cheaper than a terminal connector block. The new range consists of 7 different cable connectors for both solid and stranded cable. To enable a guaranteed safe connection between two cables, just insert...

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Icage Downlights

We regularly refer to Icage downlights as the Swiss army knife of downlights. This is because they meet every criteria that can be asked of a downlight, except they are not F-Capped Approval. Icage downlights will house any bulb and are supplied with both low voltage MR16 and mains voltage...

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Remote Control Dimmer Switch for use with LED Lights

We regularly get asked for remote control operated dimmer switches that can control LED downlights and LED bulbs. We have many solutions that we can offer but there are some important issues to address. The main issue is compatibility, first you need to make sure that the dimmer switch will work...

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Solar Photovoltaic Panel Blog

Solar Photovoltaic Blog In current times of energy efficiency and renewable energy being popular. Solar photovoltaic panels are an excellent solution for an eco-friendly energy source. Due to the growing demand for renewable energy sources, the manufacturing of solar cells and photovoltaic design has advanced considerably in recent years hence why it is the...

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Can a light bulb really last 18 years...

A lot of people are asking what all the fuss about LED lighting is? Well the life-expectancy is one of many plus-points when considering jumping on the LED bandwagon. A 6W Philips Master GU10 LED lamp lasts for approx. 40,000 hours, which if used for an average of 6 hours...

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