Floor standing enclosures have proven to be very useful in many different electrical installations, especially when it comes to electrical installations which require extra safety, security, and protection. And with the right floor standing enclosure, you know very well that your electrical components and units can perform and be utilised to their utmost advantage as well as last for a longer time, not to mention provide you with better peace of mind as well.

But whilst there may be a variety of different floor standing enclosures out there, there are some enclosures that definitely stand out and deliver beyond your expectations. One such type of floor standing enclosure is the latest range from Tempa Pano.

The main benefits

Floor standing enclosures, especially those that are produced by Tempa Pano, already come with everything you may need, although the side panels are often ordered separately, especially if you are planning to put two free standing enclosures side by side or together.

Floor standing enclosures have their specific use and purpose, but none more so than the latest ones on offer. These new enclosures not only feature a rating of IP55 – they are also specially-designed and tested to be resistant to water and dust, and are made only from the strongest and highest quality sheet steel.

Your options

You have two main options when it comes to height: 1500mm as well as 1800mm, although if you prefer to have one with a 2000mm-height, this is also available upon request. The width also comes in six variations, from as narrow as 400mm to as wide as 1200mm. Depths come in four choices, ranging from 400mm to up to 800mm. If you have a large control panel installation, a bigger size and depth should be completely ideal for your needs.

What it comes with

These floor standing enclosures, as mentioned, come with all the components you may need. These include a front as well as a rear frame and a rear panel. It also includes one single door for floor standing enclosures sized 400mm to 800mm and two doors for enclosures with widths from 1000mm to 1200mm.

The floor standing enclosures are also supplied with a mounting plate which is 2mm in thickness as well as a plinth measuring 100 millimetres in height. If you prefer not to have a plinth, this is also possible. Of course, the enclosure is also equipped with a top cover along with side rails.

Other specifications you should know about

These floor standing enclosures from Tempa Pano come with an IP rating of IP55 and are normally made from sheet galvanized steel, although you also have the option of requesting for a floor standing enclosure made from stainless steel if you so require. The thickness of the panels and frame are 1.5 millimetres, whilst the door thickness is at 2 millimetres, which is the same thickness for both the plinth and the mounting plate as well.

The front door of these floor standing enclosures is made from strong and solid material, and you can also choose to have the front door in a glazed version. When ordering the Tempa Pano floor standing enclosure, you can also request for holes to be punched in advance so when it is delivered to you, you no longer have to worry about the required punching.

Tempa Pano Floor standing enclosure

More details

The floor standing enclosures are sturdily-built, especially since they have a welded frame and a door as well as a rear panel PU sealing gasket that are foamed in. The hinges of each floor standing enclosure are designed to be specially-concealed, and they are also equipped with a polyamide lock which has a swinging handle design. You also have the option of multiple mounting plates, and you also have several options when it comes to the cover and plinth.

As mentioned above, you can choose to have the holes already punched in before the floor standing enclosure is delivered to your door, but you also have different options in regards to sizes, colours, and flat packs.

Free accessories

It doesn’t end there, however. When you order a floor standing enclosure, it also comes with some complementary or free accessories, basically everything you would need to make for a completely functional and efficient floor standing enclosure. This includes an eye bolt, a rain canopy, a door inside mounting profile, and a cover plate and profiles. Along with these, the floor standing enclosure comes with a hinged cover plate, a short mounting plate, a partial mounting plate, and an infill mounting plate. Other complementary accessories such as carriage depth slide and support, partition profile, L, U, and Z profiles, L and Z brackets, a busbar and depth profile, and a ladder busbar profile are also included. The perforated shelf (which also makes up part of the complementary accessories) is adjustable and can be pulled out. You will also receive a plan pocket, a plastic cover plate, an earthing cable, and lastly, a door interlock system for enclosures which are joined.

You may already be well aware that it’s important to choose the right floor standing enclosure for your needs and requirements, especially when it comes to safety, practicality, and efficiency. And with the many choices and options you have with this latest and newest range of Tempa Pano floor standing enclosures from Expert Electrical, you will be more than satisfied. Expert Electrical has a wide range of other electrical supplies as well, including a broad miniature circuit breaker selection, fuses, motor control gears, lamps and tubes, sensors and safety supplies, and more. In addition, any order over £102 (including VAT) also comes with a free delivery service within the UK mainland, and an affordable delivery fee of only £11 (excluding VAT) to areas outside the UK mainland such as the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the Isles of Man and Wight, and the Channel Islands. This delivery fee also applies to continental European countries such as Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Tempa Pano floor standing enclosures are available to order online here. Or visit the Tempa Pano website here.