Steel is an alloy of iron and other elements such as carbon. It is primarily used for construction and other applications due to its low cost and high tensile strength. Steel is widely preferred over other materials due to its numerous advantages. Here are the five principal benefits of using steel enclosures.

steel floor standing enclosure

Durable and Safe

Steel enclosures are resistant to fire, pests and corrosion. The enclosures can withstand extreme environmental conditions, like extreme hot and wet climates. Steel is resistant to scaling and can retain its strength even at high temperatures. Electrical enclosures are fitted with a seal that helps to ensure that moisture can not enter them. The electrical components that are installed inside them must be kept dry and secure.

Environmental Friendly

Unlike with other metals, steel can be recycled many times over making it an environmentally friendly choice of material. It is both easy and light to move around and produces less raw material waste.

Cost Effective

It is more economical to use a steel enclosure in the long run, rather than using another type of enclosure. Its initial purchase cost might be slightly higher at first compared with other alternatives such as plastic or ABS. Nevertheless, it will certainly last for a long time with less maintenance required.

Fire Resistant

Steel enclosures are fire resistant, since its classed as a non-combustible material. This reduces the volume of flammable materials inside an industrial premises. For added protection you can also get Atex rated enclosures that can be used in potentially explosive areas such as chemical plants.

Premium Quality

Here at Expert Electrical, we pride ourselves on being able to offer premium quality steel enclosures at affordable price. With our branded enclosures, you can ensure you're getting a great quality product every time for your project.