Revolutionary New Twister Cable Connector

Welcome to the new range of Twister cable connectors, a great alternative and cheaper than a terminal connector block. The new range consists of 7 different cable connectors for both solid and stranded cable. To enable a guaranteed safe connection between two cables, just insert two cables and twist the connector. No tools needed!

There are two different types of cable connector. There is a standard variant which is used indoors and also a weatherproof version which is IP55 rated. The weatherproof version is pre-filled with silicone sealant to protect against corrosion and moisture. This means it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The IP55 rated cable connectors could be an ideal money saving solution because due to the weatherproof status, there is no need for expensive IP rated enclosures to house the connector.

The technology for the cable connector is actually quite simple. There are just two components of the cable connector which are the expanding square spring and the polypropylene shell. Once the cables are inserted, the twisting effect enables the square spring to grip the conductors and twists them together hence the name “Twister”. This enables the connector to produce a guaranteed safe and secure connection which stays strong over a period of time.

This design of cable connector has in fact been around for a number of years and was commonly known as “Scruits”. The older designs used an old style ceramic material but where effectively written out and banned due to more strict regulation requirements. The new Twister cable connector makes a big comeback and conforms to all regulations and tests due to the new design. The new connector is manufactured from a high quality and robust material which is polypropylene. This material will not split or crack, like the older ceramic versions.

The Twister cable connector is a great product and solution for everyday applications where a safe connection between two cables is needed. Expert Electrical Supplies Ltd aims to offer valuable expert advice and provide an expert service. Please see our website for the best and most competitive prices on the internet for Twister cable connectors.

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Author : Lewis Molloy



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