RCBOs (Residual Current circuit breaker with overload protection) incorporate the latest features in safety and comply with the most up to date wiring policies and regulations. They operate on earth fault and current overload situations which means they operate like a combined MCB and RCD at the same time in one single pole device. On top of all that, the device will work perfectly while tripping safely in a real situation or while testing, even if locked in an on or off state.

RCBOs can slot into the existing space of an MCB into your consumer unit as they are only one modular width at 18mm wide. They come with ample cabling that is also colour coded for easy installation. They are available in an assortment of tripping varieties that include B or C type both with a tripping sensitivity of 30mA. The breaking capacity is usually 10kA as standard.

Alternatively for non-consumer unit applications you could opt for a double pole RCBO that has single pole and neutral in two modular spacings making it 36mm wide.


When choosing the right RCBO for your circuit you should always make sure that the current rating of the device is lower than that of the cable used. This allows for faster tripping in case the cable starts overheating, maintaining the cable’s integrity but you should also consider increasing overload protection by installing an additional monitoring relay separately just to be on the safe side.

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